Study: Women Faking Orgasms are More Likely to Have a Real One

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 21, 2019

Women are pretty funny.

Daily Mail:

It’s often thought of as a quick escape from bad sex.

But faking an orgasm could actually improve women’s sex lives and make them more likely to have a real one, scientists claim.

Among women who pretend to climax in a bid to turn themselves on, playing up may actually work and help them to enjoy sex more.

Researchers said faking it has for years been believed to be damaging to life in the bedroom but therapists should think again and appreciate its potential benefits.

Almost a third of women in the study said they never reached orgasm during sex, and one sex expert told MailOnline there was some truth to the ‘fake it ’til you make it’ approach.

Reenacting the lead-up to a real orgasm, with the quicker breathing, noises, and hip movements, can push women ‘over the threshold’, they said.

In a study, experts at the University of Texas surveyed 998 women between the ages of 18 and 29 about whether they faked orgasms and why.

The women were also asked how consistently – on a scale of one to six (never to always) – they had an orgasm during sex or oral sex.

And the scientists found women who faked orgasms to feel better about themselves or turn themselves on in turn had more consistent real orgasms.

This was compared to those who faked it because they wanted their partner to feel good or because they were concerned about being ‘abnormal’.

In their study Dr Barnett’s team found that, while 25 per cent of women said they always climaxed during penetrative sex, 30 per cent said they never did.

They discussed how women’s sexual function appeared to be more complex than men’s and how they were apt to reach orgasm ‘at substantially lower rates’.

This could be because psychological factors are more important than they are to men, the paper said.

And they found various reasons women gave to explain why they pretended to climax during sex.

Some based on insecurity, such as faking it out of concern for their partner’s feelings or out of ‘fear of dysfunction’, were linked to women reporting less consistent real orgasms.

Whereas staging a fake orgasm for ‘elevating arousal’ was associated with more consistent real orgasms, the study found.

Recent research by Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, found that women who admitted to faking orgasms did so, on average, once in every three encounters.

From a survey of 462 heterosexual women in Britain researchers found that three quarters of them said they had faked it at least once, they wrote in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

The mind is a powerful thing. The study points out that women who fake orgasms to turn themselves on are more likely to have an orgasm than women who fake it because they (allegedly) wanted their partners to feel good.

What makes women more likely to want to turn themselves on? Men not obsessing over whether they orgasm or not, for starters.

Trying to please women during sex has the opposite effect because it puts pressure and responsibility on them and women abhor that. It tells them “your orgasm is very important to me, your highness, so please go ahead and have an orgasm now.” It’s like asking them where they want to go for a date or dinner — pure blasphemy!

She’s not going out with you to make your decisions for you. She’s not your mommy. She’s going out with you because she wants you to show her your world. She wants to experience you.

Women don’t want to be asked about stuff and they don’t want to lead.

They want to follow.

Take her hand and take her where you want to go.

Take her body and take her where you want to go.