Study Says Rainwater No Longer Safe to Drink Anywhere in the World

I don’t know if this is an extreme problem or not, but I do know that in a sane society, this is something we would be talking about instead of retarded conspiracy theories about how cow farts change the weather.


Rainwater almost everywhere on Earth has unsafe levels of ‘forever chemicals’, according to new research.

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large family of human-made chemicals that don’t occur in nature. They are known as ‘forever chemicals’ because they don’t break down in the environment.

They have non-stick or stain repellent properties so can be found in household items like food packaging, electronics, cosmetics and cookware.

But now researchers at the University of Stockholm have found them in rainwater in most locations on the planet – including Antarctica. There is no safe space to escape them.

Rainwater everywhere is unsafe to drinkSafe guideline levels for some of these forever chemicals have dropped dramatically over the last two decades due to new insights into their toxicity.

“There has been an astounding decline in guideline values for PFAS in drinking water in the last 20 years,” says Ian Cousins, lead author of the study and professor at the Department of Environmental Science, Stockholm University.

For one well-known substance, the “cancer-causing perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)”, water guideline values have declined by 37.5 million times in the US.

“Based on the latest US guidelines for PFOA in drinking water, rainwater everywhere would be judged unsafe to drink,” he says.

“Although in the industrial world we don’t often drink rainwater, many people around the world expect it to be safe to drink and it supplies many of our drinking water sources.”

Rain is supposed to be the ultimate cleaner of water. But we’ve been hearing about estrogen in the rainwater for years now. It makes sense that other chemicals are evaporating with the water, going up into the clouds, and then raining back down on us.

This is a very serious problem. But all “environmentalists” are focused exclusively on falsely claiming that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. They are not only saying that, they are saying that it is the single most important pollutant, and that nothing else really even matters. Sometimes now they are talking about plastic, but hardly. And their solution is paper straws. There is no talk of reusable glass containers for water and other beverages, even whilst plastic bottles are the single biggest part of the plastic problem.

They also say we can’t burn the plastic because that will create carbon dioxide so we have to just live with plastic trash everywhere or pollute the groundwater by burying it, or do this pointless and ridiculous recycling scam.

Everything the media says is a lie.