Study: Almost Half of All Biofrontholes Got Menstrual Changes After Vax

Remember, it’s not just “women” who had their menstruations disrupted by this deadly vaccine. It is also trans men and persons of no gender confirmation.

Furthermore, women with penises did not have their menstruations disrupted by these deadly vaccines. However, those women with penises are also affected, as they may not be able to produce healthy sperm as a result of this safe and effective vaccine.

Daily Caller:

A study published Friday in Science Advances reported that 42% of respondents had heavier cycles after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Manufacturers of vaccines typically do not study how women’s menstrual cycles and bleeding occur post-vaccination, despite “many people” allegedly claiming they “experienced unexpected menstrual bleeding” after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, the researchers of the study argued. Therefore, the researchers used self-reported data from a sample of almost 40,000 females across various demographics and sub-demographics to assess the extent to which they’d experienced similar symptoms.

Forty-two percent of respondents said they’d bled more heavily than they’d typically expect, 44% reported no changes, while a high number of non-menstruating women allegedly experienced breakthrough bleeding, according to the results. Most noticed a change within a week of receiving their first and second doses, the authors reported.

A majority of the respondents had received the Pfizer vaccine (21,620) or Moderna (13,001), the study continued. Others received Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, and “other” vaccines, the researchers claimed.

The tranny stuff had to get in there somewhere

“Dr. Lee and I had our own wonky period experiences post-vaccine,” study author Dr. Kathryn Clancy said of her and her colleague, Dr. Katharine Lee, according to Technology Networks, “If Dr. Lee hadn’t pointed them out to me first, I may never have made the connection myself. After I tweeted about it and the response was overwhelming, we designed a survey instrument that would allow us to capture these experiences as well as any factors that might make one more at risk of this side effect. We really wanted to listen to people and validate their concerns because there were so many who were quick to dismiss them.”

With this study, we have to remember that a huge percentage of Western women are on birth control, which would most likely mean that they wouldn’t notice menstrual changes. Some forms of birth control completely prevent a woman from ovulating at all.

It’s just…

I wish we had a new meme to communicate that emotion.

It’s everything we told you. Disruption of the menstrual cycle is proof that it affects the reproductive system. The main globalist and Jewish purpose of the vaccine was to sterilize people. Please see the British series Utopia (2013), which was so spot on that it is simply not possible that it was a coincidence.

(Also, in the show, the story of the vaccine for a virus that doesn’t exist that sterilizes people is revealed in a comic book. So in real life, the series that reveals this is playing the role of the comic book in the show. I have no idea why this didn’t get more attention from QAnon people or whatever. I guess because the show doesn’t have pedophiles or tunnels.)

I’m not even sure they meant to give this many people heart attacks. Although I guess they knew it was going to happen, because they knew that every cell in the body was going to produce the spike protein, even if they told you it was going to stay in your arm. They admitted virtually immediately that it didn’t stay in your arm.

Honestly, I think it also lowered people’s IQs by forcing every cell in their brains to produce the spike protein, which would have harmed the ability for neurons to transmit signals at the same rate.

I’m personally not aware of any woman who has successfully carried a pregnancy to term after receiving the vax. I’m sure it’s happened – I’m sure not 100% of vaxed women are totally incapable of carrying a child to term. But it could be upwards of 70% that are now totally incapable of giving birth. Or even higher. I’ve heard of nothing but miscarriages.

It kind of makes the whole Roe v. Wade issue moot, doesn’t it? All of these women saying “my body, my choice” are the same who went along with the government forcing an experimental gene therapy into their bodies. No one who was against the vaccine is going to have an abortion anyway.