Stormer Trump Election Ultra-Mega-Mondo LIVE STREAM

Today we’re going to have an election LIVE STREAM.

We’re going to start in the early evening, and go all night long, covering the information as it comes in.

When it starts, we’ll delete this post, and then have this at the top of the page, under the banner:

So if you see that, it means we are live.

We have a live chat, where people can come and talk to their friends. And Stormer personalities will be covering the details of the events as they happen.

We will also of course have updates on the site, but I don’t think you’ll need updates as to who is winning what, so instead of updating some live thread saying, “OHIO HAS CALLED FOR TRUMP,” we’re going to focus on the live stream.

Right now, the ETA for starting time is 6:00 PM EST.

We could be early or late, just be sure to check back here and look for the banner.

Be there!

It will be fun as heck.