Stormer Book Club Fights the Culture War on Multiple Fronts

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Daily Stormer
October 2, 2019

Stormer Book Club is the premier pro-White, American Nationalist organization extant. There are chapters all across the fruited plain, and the Stormers have been busy disrupting the globohomo narrative with a series of witty and effective flyer campaigns!

Below is a heat map of flyered locales!

The Squad: Send Them Back!

In celebration of President Trump stating at a rally that these brown communist front-holes need to go back where they came from, SBC did a nationwide op on the topic.

Sacramento Bee:

‘Send them back!’ Racist flyers on Texas campus depict ‘The Squad,’ photos show

Police at Rice University in Houston, Texas, are investigating after racist flyers showing the four Democratic congresswomen known as “The Squad” appeared on campus this week.

“Send them back!” the flyers read. “Deport the commie brown infestation.”

The lawmakers caricatured on the flyers are Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, KTRK reported. The flyers “purport to be from the hate group Daily Stormer,” according to the TV station.

On Twitter and at campaign rallies, President Donald Trump has elevated and criticized the freshmen lawmakers who make up the so-called “Squad,” all of whom are women of color. He wrote on Twitter in July that they should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

Just days after that tweet, when Trump spoke about Omar at a North Carolina rally, chants of “send her back” erupted in the crowd, McClatchy news group reported.

One Rice student posted a photo of the racist flyer on Twitter, writing that he was “utterly disgusted” and “heartbroken.”

Rice President David Leebron responded to the student directly, writing that “this is indeed disgusting. It would be so at any time and any place, but especially offensive just before our new students arrive.”

Leebron said the school is investigating.

“One person did observe a person tacking the flyer to entrance 20 and reported it,” Leebron wrote. “The flyer posted appears to be the same as one posted at several Seattle synagogues & churches a few days ago. These particular posters appear to originate with a neo-Nazi org. It is, as you say, heartbreaking that such people feel empowered to commit such despicable acts.”

Here’s a little sample of the coverage:

Modesto Straight Pride Rally:

In the hours before the proposed rally, for which the city of Modesto unconstitutionally refused a permit, local Stormers posted a pro-normalcy, anti-faggotry message in and around the park where the event was to have taken place.

Operation Report Wetbacks:

Stormer Book Club took to the streets to remind all good citizens of their responsibility to report illegal aliens to ICE!

The Gateway:

Offensive “illegal immigration” fliers found in UNO West Garage

Over this past weekend, a University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) student discovered an offensive flier on Dodge Campus.

The flier urges local citizens to “report any and all illegal aliens” while illustrating a racist and violent drawing of a police officer smiling while placing a gun to the head of an individual crossing the depicted border line.

The student, who asked not to be named, discovered the flier on a pole in the West Garage, removed the one they saw and reported it to Student Government. Upon discovering the report Monday morning, student body president and student regent Aya Yousuf issued the following statement:

“One of my favorite things about being a Maverick is the welcoming and inclusive community that I have witnessed and continue to witness here on campus. UNO prides itself on being an inclusive and diverse community and I truly believe in those values. With that being said, this flier does not exemplify UNO’s culture of inclusion and diversity. I’m proud that UNO Public Safety and administrations have made it their priority to welcome students of various backgrounds and are assisting in this matter. Student Government, as well as other campus resources, are always here to welcome and support students regardless of identification.”

UNO Public Safety officers are working to make contact with the individual or individuals responsible for hanging the flier, as it does not meet the required standards for advertising materials on campus and does not speak to the diversity and inclusion values upheld by UNO.

Sam Petto of University Communications said that continuing to display those posters following potential contact with UNO Public Safety would result in repercussions up to being banned and barred from campus.

While this flier clearly draws upon visual stereotypes considered to be offensive and racist, Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Success and political science professor, broke down the impact materials like this have on political discourse on campus.

“Because that piece of material is openly advocating physical removal of individuals and the image itself is offensive, of a police officer holding a gun to the head, obviously to someone who is supposed to be an immigrant, it could be interpreted as hate speech,” Benjamin-Alvarado said.

He said that it’s important to interpret this flier based on who distributed it. While university officials are still unsure who exactly hung the flier, it is labeled as an item circulated by the Daily Stormer.

What a great job these fine Young American Men of Good Character are doing!

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