Stores Board Up on Threat of Violence After the Election

It’s so nasty that supporters of Donald Trump are planning to attack all of these buildings.

They’re going to win the election. Isn’t that enough for them?

Do they have to go breaking out the windows of everyone’s shop, just to demonstrate their superiority?


Retailers across the country are stepping up security measures to try to head off any damages to their stores during election-related protests in the coming days.

Tiffany, Saks Fifth Avenue, CVS, Target and Macy’s are among the chains that are boarding up some of their stores’ windows in preparation.

“While we intend to remain open where possible, out of an abundance of caution the windows of select stores in key cities will be boarded in anticipation of potential election related activity,” said Nathan Strauss, spokesperson for Tiffany (TIF).

Stores around the country were damaged this summer, and merchandise was stolen during protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Retailers are hoping to prevent this from happening again.

CVS (CVS) said it is boarding up stores in areas where they have been damaged by unrest in the past. Stores where windows are covered “will continue to be open to serve customers as long as it is safe to do so,” said CVS spokesperson Mike DeAngelis.

The Trump movement and the “White Lives Matter” groups that support him are officially completely out of control. These white supremacist Trump-supporting rioters began rioting in celebration of George Floyd’s death, and they haven’t stopped since.

I was at CVS yesterday, and white Trump supporters rioted and broke in the CVS and were stealing everything, including the boxes of tissues and tampons.


I said that what they were doing is really mean and not necessary, and they called me a “white nigger” and a “race traitor” and punched me in the face, while screaming “TRUMP 2020 WE KILLIN ALL Y’ALL MOTHERFUCKERS FUCK NIGGERS WHITE POWER!”

I then walked outside of the CVS, and saw this gang of supposed “peaceful protesters” associated with the “White Lives Matter” movement going down the street and breaking out every window of every store with bats.

It was not only out of control, it was just really rude.

Violent white gangs yelling “TRUMP 2020 KILL NIGGERS” all over the streets, smashing out windows – this is Trump’s America.

We need to bring back civility in this country, because the most important thing ever is being nice. In order to bring back civility, we need to deal with these White Lives Matter rioters, because they are not “peaceful protesters,” they are violent looters and criminals.