Trump has Declared Victory – Stand By

The President has tweeted.

And he has spoken.

What he said was: “Frankly, we did win this election.

This is correct. The election is over. We won.

Now, we are in a fight to keep what we won.

Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin have all announced that they are pausing the counting of votes.

These are all states that Trafalgar predicted for Donald Trump.

If anything other than a Trump victory is returned in these states, we need to assume it is fraud and we need to act accordingly.

Under no circumstances can we allow this country to be stolen from the people.

If they return false results in these states, that means that the electoral politics have failed.

You need to steel yourself, and you need get your boys together and you need to be ready to move.

There is a very good chance that the feds and the social media companies are going to shut down communications. It’s possible and in fact likely they will cut cellphone service. Don’t count on Facebook.

Get your people together now, and tell everyone you know to get their people together and get them ready to move.

Stand by.