Spain: Supreme Court Rules General Franco’s Corpse to be Dug Up

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2019

New standard leftist political promise: “If we win the elections, we’ll desecrate the graves of dead members of the opposing political party.”


Spain’s Supreme Court has ruled that the remains of dictator Francisco Franco should be exhumed.

It backed the Socialist government’s plan to move the remains from a state mausoleum to a less controversial site.

An appeal by Franco’s family against the exhumation and proposing an alternative site was rejected.

The issue has divided opinion in Spain, which remains haunted by the Franco era. He won the 1930s civil war and went on to rule Spain until 1975.

In a unanimous ruling, the court said it had decided to “completely reject the appeal lodged by the family in relation to Francisco Franco’s exhumation”.

In a tweet (in Spanish), Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez hailed the decision as a “great victory for democracy”.

That is a statement I can back.

These are the kinds of great victories you get with democracy: your population replaced with Somalians, child trannies and corpse desecration.

Mr Sanchez’s deputy, Carmen Calvo, said the exhumation would be completed “as soon as possible”. The government wants to carry it out before elections on 10 November.

Franco currently lies in a huge mausoleum called the Valley of the Fallen, alongside tens of thousands of civil war dead.

Many revile the complex – just outside Madrid – as a monument to the triumph of fascism, and it has become a shrine for the far right.

Many descendents of Franco’s victims support the move.

“The idea that people who were killed by Franco’s troops are buried together with Franco, it’s very absurd, and they’re still glorifying him as if he was the saviour of Spain,” Silvia Navarro, whose great uncle died in 1936, told the BBC.

But the family, who would rather he was not moved at all, wanted him to lie in a family crypt in the Almudena Cathedral – right in the centre of the capital.

The government argued that the former dictator should not be placed anywhere where he could be glorified. It also said there were potential security issues with the cathedral site.

For those who don’t recall, Franco has only been considered a dictator and pure evil since like, last Tuesday.

He wasn’t allied with Bad Mustache Man in The Holocaust War, at least not officially, and he remained in power until he died in 1975.

Franco was never accused of the kind of “atrocities” that the likes of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein or Bashir al-Assad were (mostly falsely) accused of. Even like, Ferdinand Marcos or Ioannis Metaxas were accused of more evil doing than Franco.

General Franco was just a president for life figure, which I guess is now permanently canceled as something that is allowed to exist without having his corpse desecrated by state communism.

Digging up corpses is a nasty, evil thing to do.

Did you know there was controversy about digging up Egyptian mummies, when they first started doing that? There was even an old 1950s country song about it being wrong to violate people’s graves just because they’d been dead for thousands of years, though I can’t remember who sang it.

Digging up people’s corpses is like this ancient, Jewish/Middle Eastern type way to curse them and their memory, their family. Without Jewish influence, no one would ever even think of digging up anyone’s corpse.

The filthy Jewish media always uses the word “controversial” – this is the favorite word of the media. But it is almost always them that is the source of the controversy.

Like I mean, just think about it: Franco is buried in a tomb.

No one is thinking about where Franco is buried or what is going on with his body until someone decides to come along and say, “Hey you know that political leader we had a few decades back who is unpopular with our political party? Let’s go dig up his corpse!”

Digging up the corpses of political enemies is now an official leftist political position. This is gruesome and gross, and also seemingly satanic.

This is not really any different than if Elizabeth Warren gets elected and decides to dig up Richard Nixon’s corpse. Actually, it would be worse than that, because Nixon was disgraced for committing a crime and his own party mostly dislikes him now, which is not the case with Franco. It would instead be like if she went and dug up Ronald Reagan.

And they are trying to do this as an electioneering tactic!

So the actual analogy would be that Elizabeth Warren wins in 2020, and then promises she’ll dig up Reagan’s corpse before the 2024 election.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened, actually.

I’m not even a fan of Reagan at all, though I am a fan of his cigarette ads, and I’m sure he’ll be considered as evil as any other white man in a couple of years just because he was a masculine heterosexual.