South Africa: White Farmer is Repairing His Fence, Some Wild Kaffirs Appear and Murder Him

You’d think that when colored people become the ruling majority in a formerly white country, they’d start giving the white minority welfare checks, affirmative action programs and all the other benefits we give them when we’re in charge.

But no – they seem to just exterminate us instead.

Damnedest thing.

South Africa Today:

Another farm murder has taken place, this time in Kameeldrift, north of Pretoria, Gauteng province. A farmer was repairing his fence on his smallholding on 27 september 2019, at 14:00 in Rinkhalsweg, when he was shot dead by an unknown number of attackers. The farmer died on the scene.

It was reported that at least two other farm attacks took place in the same area on that day and farm workers in both instances were assaulted and tied up.