South Africa: Five Blacks Posing as Sheep Buyers Murder Elderly White Farmer, Torture His Wife

This was a “lose-lose” situation, really. If the farmer had turned them down because he knew they planned to attack him, they would have just attacked him anyway.

Once a white farmer is on the kaffirs’ radar, he’s in serious trouble.

South Africa Today:

A violent farm attack and murder took place on Sunday 24 November 2019 on a farm Leeufontein, in Wolmaransstad, North West province. Five attackers, 3 men and two women posed as sheep buyers and lured a couple from there home to the kraal to view sheep. The farmer (67) was tied up and brutally murdered whilst his wife was dragged to the farm house where she was very severely assaulted and tortured.

The attackers demanded firearms and cash and assaulted the woman leaving her in a very serious state. She has been admitted to hospital.