Some Notes on the Current State of the Elon Musk Twitter Agenda

Although I do not believe it is possible that speech will be allowed on Twitter, the Elon Musk situation has piqued my interest.

On Friday, the company’s board said they won’t put Musk’s offer to shareholders, which is illegal in several different ways (but we don’t really have laws in America anymore).

They’re using a poison pill that makes it so Elon can’t buy more than 15% somehow (I don’t personally understand this, exactly). He’s now reportedly going to get partners to go in on the buy, and then presumably buy it from them.

Elon hasn’t commented today. We’re waiting to see what happens with that.

I will offer some various thoughts here.

“Like Another Holocaust”

We’ve previously reported on some of the various Jews going nuts over the stated plan to buy Twitter and reinstate free speech. But the sheer number of Jews screaming about the idea that Americans would be allowed to speak freely in public is incredible.

It’s difficult to process the fact that they can’t see how bad these optics are.


Max Boot probably wins the prize for literally saying “we need more censorship to save democracy.”

Literally “democracy dies in the sunlight.”

And yes: of course he is a Washington Post columnist.

This tweet from Reich deserves a special mention:

Those two perfectly illustrate my argument that “Jews are no longer capable of maintaining their position as the ruling elite because they have completely lost whatever sense of self-awareness they once had.” They are so far past the point of parody that their own statements appear anti-Semitic. The internet has profoundly affected the consciousness of all humans, but it may well have hit the Jews the hardest.

Of course, it is not only Jews that are whining. There are also some brown people and women who are servants of the Jews who are feeling very upset.

Brown people and women: Partners in Jewish communism since 1965.

The Ever-Evolving Explanation for Censorship

I was the first person to be massively censored, and remain the most censored person on earth, ever. I don’t like this fact, but it is just a matter of fact. It’s not bragging.

I was kicked off of literally every single American and European tech platform, all the way up and down, ostensibly because I made a mean joke about Heather Heyer dying of a heart attack at Charlottesville. So, the explanation for the banning was that I am a mean person. (Except Cloudflare – I was the first person ever kicked off of there, and the CEO falsely claimed that I had said that he supported my ideas. I had never said that, but that’s what he said I said in an interview with VICE News.)

“Meanness” became the de facto reason for banning people from things. Very few people to this day have been kicked off of anything other than social media.

They started using the word “safety,” claiming that mean words hurt people. They also said that saying mean things causes people to commit acts of violence. Like, if you say something mean about someone, it can make someone think that they should kill that person or group. 8chan became the second site to be banned from Cloudflare after Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant posted his manifesto there. It wasn’t really clear why, but I guess the explanation was that the information on 8chan had caused him to shoot up the mosque.

It was all actually just political censorship, of course.

However, then it transformed into informational censorship with the coronavirus. They started claiming that if you disagreed with the CDC, people could see your information and this could cause them to make bad decisions which would result in their death. This was actually more hardcore and dangerous than political censorship. Political (and religious) censorship is something that has existed since forever. But censoring medical data was new.

The Ukraine war has become even more censored than coronavirus, and there isn’t really any explanation for it. Like, I literally do not know what the explanation is for why you are not allowed to support Russia or post videos from the war. Azov posts videos of their own atrocities to Telegram, and reposting them on Twitter is banned.

The new CEO of Twitter was a censorship agent before he was CEO, and he said in 2020 that it’s all about “a healthy public conversation,” which is just meaningless HR tripe.

I literally have no idea what that means.

I mean, I know what it means. It means “you can only repeat what authorities say.”

The part where he says “our role” is deciding “who can be heard” refers to shadow-banning. A few token right-wingers like Jack Posobiec are still allowed on the site, but they are largely blocked from people’s feeds. If the algorithm detects you are a right-winger, they funnel you into Ben Shapiro World.

So at this point, Twitter is saying “just shut up.”

In the days leading up to making the offer to buy the site, Musk pointed at the top accounts, none of which are interesting.

By banning disagreement, Twitter has made the site uninteresting for everyone. Even people who agree with the system enjoyed arguing with people who don’t agree with the system.

If Musk actually did what he is saying he is going to do, he would end up making a lot of money, as the site would become very active again.

Despite the fact that they have shifted these different reasons for censorship, the original reason is the one most people think of: that you can hurt people’s feelings with your words.

From the time this started, I put forward a very simple idea: set up a system of block lists.

I will write up a proper proposal and make sure someone gets it in front of Musk if this thing actually happens, but the basic idea is this: set up an algorithm that categorizes people’s speech, and then allow people to block whichever types of speech they are afraid of from their own feeds.

You can create a form where people can check the types of speech they fear:

  • I am afraid of racial slurs
  • I am afraid of anti-trans speech
  • I am afraid of FBI crime statistics
  • I am afraid of people disagreeing with the CDC and Anthony Fauci
  • I am afraid of people not supporting the Ukraine
  • I am afraid of any speech that is not approved by the Anti-Defamation League

Along with a box-checking form, you can also have block lists put out by various groups, including the Anti-Defamation League, the Democrat Party, the CDC, and the State Department.

People DO have a right not to hear speech if they don’t want to hear it. The First Amendment does not give people a right to break into your house and start screaming things at you.

Under old school Jack Dorsey, the rule was “just don’t follow people who you don’t want to hear from and if someone shares something you don’t want to see, click off of the page.” But given that this entire narrative has been built up around fragile people being afraid of certain types of speech, which is somehow able to hurt them, and given that algorithms have advanced a lot in the last decade, you can totally silence this criticism by creating the safe space alternative through block lists.

This kind of system has already been set up through “parental controls” systems on various devices.

So, instead of a shadowy censorship group deciding “who can be heard,” individuals can decide what they want to hear.

The ADL would of course fall back on the idea that protected political speech has a magical ability to make people do things against their will, but this does not really resonate with people. There are no good arguments for censorship in a system that presents itself as being based around the concept that every individual peasant is capable of deciding who runs the government (the foundational assertion of universal suffrage democracy), but “these mean people are hurting people’s feelings” resonates with people. I used to use a lot of racial slurs and shocking language to defend the position that words are not magical, and show that liberalism had created a new definition of blasphemy. It was also very funny, but as I explained many times, the use of shock language was not simply for the sake of vulgarism, but also to protect the outer edges of thought from these walls that the left were trying to build. Speech is thought transmitted through sound or characters, and censorship of speech is censorship of thought. I do not believe thought should be limited, as this limits the capacity to get to truth, which I believe, as a Christian, is the highest virtue. (I’ve written long pieces about this before – when I used much harsher language regularly, I would make a point to regularly explain it. I can’t find any of them right now, but I might write it again.)

It’s Not Actually Going to Happen

Tucker Carlson keeps saying every night that it is impossible to explain how much the world would change if Elon Musk implemented real freedom of speech on Twitter. This is precisely true.

During the coronavirus hoax, I said that I could have single-handedly stopped it if I’d had free access to the normal internet. That is just a fact. It would have required very little effort. I’m very good at distilling sound bites, and sound bites spread memetically when they’re true. Forcing an untrue meme is much more difficult, and really just amounts to brainwashing of individuals and social engineering of group psychology.

There is no way that free speech will happen on Twitter. I have a feeling Elon is not a sex pervert. And he might actually want to do this. But it simply cannot happen. The Jews would call in favors from their cousins on Wall Street, and Musk’s other companies would be destroyed. Or he would just be arrested on some totally manufactured charges. He could actually be assassinated.

Or maybe Biden would sign an executive order banning speech, or banning Twitter. They could claim we are at war with Russia right now, or that coronavirus misinformation has killed millions. They locked you in your house over coronavirus, they can shut down your speech over it. There are a million different things that could happen.

The entire Western order as it now stands would collapse if free speech was allowed on Twitter.

So frankly, it’s silly to even talk about it.

It’s just not happening.

Of course, it could happen if the system actually started to collapse. When the USSR collapsed, rich people had a lot more power than the government, and foreign powers were getting involved and running everything. If the dollar stops being the reserve currency, all kinds of different things could start happening. The US government would ultimately have to get some kind of bailout from China, and some of the current oligarchs would probably be able to pivot into feudal lords. I suspect Elon Musk is a Bitcoin whale, and could be much richer than he is on paper. The same is true of Peter Thiel.

It’s possible I don’t give Elon enough credit, and he really is a genius playing 4D chess.

In his TED Talk interview this week, he said he has a backup plan.

It’s worth watching.

Elon Might be Funnier Than I Thought

He posts a lot of bad memes.

But this is one of the funniest tweets I’ve seen in years: