Solomon Islands Places Moratorium on US Navy Ships Entering Their Ports

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Deutsche Welle:

US navy ships will not be allowed to enter ports on the Solomon Islands as the Pacific Island is planning to place a moratorium on them, the US embassy in Canberra, Australia said on Tuesday.

Relations between Honiara and Washington have been tense ever since the Solomon Islands reached a security agreement with China earlier this year.

“On August 29, the United States received formal notification from the Government of Solomon Islands regarding a moratorium on all naval visits, pending updates in protocol procedures,” the embassy said in a statement.

Prime Minister Massaneh Sogavare has denied the reports of a moratorium, a spokesperson told Reuters, sayjng that Sogavare was set to clarify later on Tuesday.

Chinese security agreement

Fear over China’s expanding influence in the Pacific region has led the US, Australia and New Zealand to urge Sogavare to not sign the pact.

The draft deal, revealed in a leak in March, set out terms including the possibility of China sending armed forces to the islands to protect its investments, as well as docking its warships.

The proximity of the Solomon Islands to the US territory on the Pacific Island of Guam has sparked particular concern.

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“The broad nature of the security agreement leaves open the door for the deployment of PRC [People’s Republic of China] military forces to the Solomon Islands,” US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said in April.

The signing of the pact “could increase destabilization within the Solomon Islands and will set a concerning precedent for the wider Pacific Island region,” he said.

The Pacific Island nation, with its 700,000-strong population, was hit by violent riots in November last year in which several people died. Sogavare blamed the unrest on unnamed foreign countries that were supposedly angered by the country cutting off relations with Taiwan in 2019.

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