So There Really is No Punishment for Rape Hoaxing, Which Actually is Insane

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 19, 2019

Is there anyone who sees this headline and photograph and thinks “oh I’ll bet that’s real and not fake”?

I honestly don’t know. I do not know the difference between people who believe malicious lies and people who maliciously pretend to believe malicious lies.

I’m actually not really even sure there is a difference, psychologically. There is certainly no difference practically.

This story is even stupider than you would have imagined from the headline.

New York Post:

A woman who says she was raped by an ex-University of Delaware baseball player accused of multiple sexual assaults testified Wednesday that she was surprised, then anxious and afraid, when her first meeting with him quickly escalated from consensual kissing to physical force and violence.

The woman testified that soon after she arrived at Clay Conaway’s house in June 2018 and sat on his bed, he began kissing her, then removed her clothes and began aggressively fondling her.

1. Arrived at his house, alone, went in his bedroom, sat on his bed, began kissing, clothes were removed. 

“It hurt really bad,” she said, adding that she felt like she couldn’t breath and started to cry.

The woman, 21, said Conaway got up, checked his phone, gave her back her underwear, then left the room to call his mother, leaving her sitting on the bed. She picked up her own phone and tried to text “OMG” to a female friend, but it failed to transmit until more than 20 minutes later.

2. Left alone, she remained in the room, did not try to flee, texted “OMG” to a friend instead of “I’ve been kidnapped” to the police (or call 911).

Conaway then returned to the bedroom, pulled her on top of him and started kissing her again, the woman said.

“I freaked out again and asked for my clothes back and I asked just to leave,” she said, adding that Conaway stuck out his arm and said there was no reason to leave.

The woman said after again fondling and kissing her, Conaway then put his hand on her throat.

“That’s when I really felt like I was not safe, and I felt uncomfortable to try and fight back,” she said, adding that Conaway pulled her hair so violently that her neck was completely extended. She said he then pinned her legs and raped her.

“I felt like I couldn’t do anything. There was no way I could leave,” she told jurors.

You could have said “hey, stop raping me please.”

Or of course screamed.

Or physically resisted.

Or not be alone in the room of a man, naked on his bed in the first place.

Under prosecution questioning, the woman acknowledged that she faked an orgasm.

“I pretended that I was enjoying it so he would stop. I faked an orgasm, because it didn’t seem like anything else would work to make him stop.”

3. Not only did she not show displeasure with what was happening, she actively encouraged it because… 

Early the next morning, Conaway sent two messages to the woman, telling her she was one of the sweetest girls he had ever met and that he hoped they could keep hanging out together.

“I really don’t mind waiting a while to have sex if that’s what you want ok?” Conaway wrote, later adding “I really wanna see you again but if you think it’s better that we don’t, then just tell me.”

4. Romantic texts immediately after the encounter. If we were talking about real life rape, this would be like if a man grabbed a woman off the street, punched her in the face, ripped her clothes off and raped her, then afterward said “hey, you want to come to the opera? I’ve got great tickets.”

Three weeks earlier, the woman had shared her excitement about connecting with Conaway on the online meeting site Bumble.

“OMG I matched with a Delaware baseball player. … He’s so hot I’m screaming,” she texted to a friend.

But on the day she drove to Conaway’s house, she texted a friend expressing concerns, saying she knew Conaway just wanted to have sex, even though she had told him she was on her period and didn’t think she was comfortable having sex when meeting someone for the first time. The woman said Conaway had assured her there was no pressure.

She also testified that despite her misgivings, she had considered her planned meeting with Conaway “too good to be true.”

“I just thought he was out of my league,” she explained under cross-examination.

“He was an attractive baseball player for a college. … It just seemed like he had other people to choose from,” she said.

The woman also acknowledged that she realized Conaway was not looking for a “super serious” relationship when, less than 24 hours after connecting with her online, he sent her a nude photograph of himself, which she and a female friend joked about in texts.

Nothing is going to happen to this woman, even though she invented this nonsense. Actually, she didn’t really invent anything. She just framed a regular sexual encounter as rape, though it still wouldn’t be rape even if it had happened the way she described it.

Now I mean.

Just try to put yourself inside the head of a person who is reading this and thinking “oh my god that poor girl.”

What I have witnessed is that people tend to believe what is beneficial for them to believe. Whether it be what is financially or socially beneficial, or just what feels good. There is very little actual concern for the truth among the masses of people.

This is the problem. The masses of people are stupid and useless. They are not concerned for justice or right or wrong. Their only pseudo-belief in justice or morality comes in the form of superstition.

There needs to be masculine authority dispensing justice, or you end up with this kind of voodoo-oriented chaos. Government by ecstatic ritual witch hunting.

This poor kid’s life is completely ruined forever by some bitch from an internet dating site who he apparently scorned in some way. Maybe he’ll go to prison for the rest of his life, maybe he’ll just be bankrupted, lose his career and be labeled a witch for the rest of his life. Who knows.

What we do know is that he didn’t do anything wrong, and we know that anyone who has any concern whatsoever for the truth is aware that he didn’t do anything wrong and that his crucifixion is purely for the emotional benefit of a mob of worthless plebs who deserve to be sterilized and replaced with robots.