So That’s a Crack Ho?




I wonder what would happen if I just posted a clip from The Sopranos at the top of my website without comment?

I can’t do that.

Here’s a comment for you: that Sopranos movie they released last year – a prequel, pretentiously entitled “The Many Saints of Newark” – is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It was literally a BLM propaganda film. It was actually unbelievable.

And sad, too. They got James Gandolfini’s son to play the young Tony Soprano, which was a cool idea. He deserved better than this piece of shit.

You want to know a factoid even more incredible, which no one dumping bad reviews on this film mentioned?

The film was done before George Floyd. Then, because the film features black people, after George Floyd they literally reedited – and went back and reshot – the entire film.

Hollywood Reporter, September 23, 2021:

For Alan Taylor, the film’s director, telling the story of the Newark Riots was always an exciting chance to re-create a moment of significant history, and one perhaps too few know about.

But he was also really daunted by it, a feeling that likely grew during the “strange” experience of having started a film in one year and by the time filming ended, delivering it in “a very different world with a very different consciousness,” he told The Hollywood Reporter at the opening night of the Tribeca Fall Preview screening.

That cultural shift due to the 2020 protests ultimately impacted some of what audiences will see, and some things that were reshot, according to Many Saints actor Corey Stoll, who plays Junior Soprano.

“They went back and did some reshoots and there was some real re-examination of that in the light of last summer,” Stoll said. “And I think that was a really good thing to do because we can’t understand what’s happening now without looking at our history.”

This was probably a completely different movie before the political edits.

Just on the basic level of storytelling, it was an utter disaster, and it is not believable that this is the film that David Chase – the creator of The Sopranos, who is listed as the writer of this film – intended to make.

They made the black guy who was obviously intended to be a bad guy kind of a good guy, while making the whites who were the antiheroes just purely evil, so everyone in the film is just a scumbag, with neither the whites nor the blacks being in any way sympathetic.

Really just disgusting.

White people are literally banned from having nice things.

Frankly, “The Batman” is the best thing you’re going to get from Hollywood. At least they managed to not have politics in it at all. But the Penguin doesn’t smoke, which really just disgusted me even more than black/Jew Catwoman talking about “privileged white males” (which aside from the non-smoking was the only political thing in the film).

Anyway – whatever.

Watch the clip at the top of the article, and realize that it wasn’t that long ago that entertainment was allowed to be entertaining.