So Hong Kong Protestors are Allowed to Use Pepe But We’re Not?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2019

The sheer hypocrisy of the media really is astounding.

You’d think that I’d get tired of reporting on it, but they always manage to reach new heights of double-standards and pilpul that I can’t help but just sit there, dumbstruck at the chutzpah on display.


Having written hundreds of articles demonizing the amphibian meme as inherently sinister, news outlets have had to perform a quick 180 now that he has been adopted as the mascot of the Hong Kong protest movement.
Pepe the Frog has been everywhere during the past six months of anti-government demonstrations in the Chinese city – as a flash graffiti drawn on and washed off walls, a doll holding placards with political slogans and calling for political changes from custom-made t-shirts, in user-made pictures and cartoons circulated on social media and in organizers’ WhatsApp and Telegram groups.

We actually had to stop posting Pepes here at the Stormer because of – completely illegal and fraudulent – DMCA complaints. And who can forget the media’s jihad against Pepe, calling him a symbol of amphibious hate and White Supremacy?

But now, when it’s time to engineer regime change, all of a sudden Pepe is once again a symbol of smug defiance to the powers that be, and a rallying cry for freedom fighters.

It really is amazing, especially when you consider that it has only been about 3 years since Pepe was effectively outlawed by the SPLC after they allied with the guy who drew the original cartoon to spam fraudulent copyright notices. Literally, they just spammed the entire internet with fake DMCAs, claiming they owned smug Pepe, Groyper, Apu – basically, all cartoon frogs. Alex Jones literally had to pay them a 5 figure sum.

For the Western media slavishly dedicated to covering the demonstrations from the protesters’ perspective, this has been awkward, yet impossible to ignore.

Is this not the same Pepe whose alternately self-satisfied and downbeat visage was used as a vehicle for alt-right talking points prior to the 2016 election? The one that candidate Hillary Clinton dedicated a special warning to on her website, saying he had been “almost entirely co-opted by white supremacists”? The one that the Anti-Defamation League still considers a hate symbol even in its unaltered form?

People have a hard time understanding that the Jews will use anything and everything they can to destabilize and overthrow regimes that they dislike, up to and including using actual neo-Nazi muscle (like in the Ukraine), or Islamic terrorists (like in Libya and Syria), or anti-Islamic Zoroastrian Restorationists (like in Iran) or just Millennials who like memes and sodomy (like in Hong Kong).

Ideology doesn’t really matter. Destabilization is the name of the game. 

Only dumb goyim get hung up on symbols and flags and official ideologies because they don’t understand how the big geopolitical chessboard game is played on the world stage. This makes them easy to manipulate because the media tells them what they want to hear, when they need to hear it. If they need normiecons to support regime change in Venezuela, they start talking about the evils of Socialism and how their war will ensure that all Venezuelans will be given access to toilet paper and other such essential freedumbs.

And, apparently, if they need young Millennials to go out and get beaten up by the police to elicit sympathy in the world press, they’ll use a cartoon frog.