Sinking Ship: Psaki to Leave White House for MSNBC

I’ve said since the beginning of this illegitimate and fake presidential administration that the only person who is competent and capable of doing her job is Jen Psaki.

In fact, I’ve said that she should be promoted to Secretary of State, as she would actually be capable of going to Europe and speaking normally, unlike Kamala Harris who can’t remember simple talking points or Joe Biden who can’t talk without threatening chemical attacks, invasion, and regime change.

Apparently, she’s gotten sick of trying to clean up Joe Biden’s poopy messes, and is moving on.

The word is – and she has appeared to tacitly confirm it – that she will be moving from the White House to MSNBC.

If she wasn’t planning to do it, she would have said “I have no plans to do that.” Instead she basically said “I am not ready to announce that yet.”

She was also asked if it was ethical to be working at the White House while negotiating with the media. There’s where she appeared to admit it, because she said she was engaging in an ethics process.

I don’t blame her. It must be rough, being responsible for trying to form a coherent narrative out of the total incoherence of the Biden White House.

I would also rather work on a TV show.

Frankly, I don’t know how the administration is going to continue to function without her as the public face to confidently tie all of this gibberish together and give the impression that it is coherent.