Should Marvel and DC Comics Fire Zoë Quinn After She Drove a Man to Suicide?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2019

After Zoë Quinn drove a man to suicide by falsely accusing him of walking her around by the pussy while she was visiting his home in Canada nearly a decade ago, many people are calling for that bitch to be criminally prosecuted.

Game developer Alec Holowka, creator of “Night in the Woods,” offed himself after Zoë, a fake game developer, made the allegations, which she lodged as part of a plan to get a #metoo movement started in the gaming industry. Holowka, who spent some months living with Quinn, was quickly fired from his own company by the other beta males that worked there, and pretty much his entire life was taken from him.

The liar Zoë Quinn is famous for having sex with gaming journalists to get positive reviews for her fake games. She is short on cash, and no doubt thought there would be more $85,000 Kickstarters in her future if she could stir up some drama. She actually launched the hoax campaign with two other women, who also lodged false accusations against men in gaming, in what was clearly a plot they all cooked up together.

Here is the full text of the absurd screed.

This reads like an absolute parody of a sexual abuse hoax. It is literally exactly what I would write if I was writing a fake sexual abuse hoax to mock lying women.

Of course, it doesn’t matter in our current anti-male climate – everyone can know it is fake, but they will just go along with it because it is politically correct to go along with it. In the same way that people will pretend to believe that black people have the same IQ as whites.

It’s all a sick game, part of the global psychodrama.

But clearly, she wasn’t expecting that the poor bastard would just up and take himself out of the game altogether.

I doubt that this woman will be charged with any crimes for lodging these false accusations that resulted in a man’s suicide.

Quinn has effectively admitted her guilt by deleting her Twitter account, something that she did not do throughout the entire process of Gamergate.

And yet, she is still writing the comic book “Goddess Mode” for DC Comics, and is scheduled to write a Hellcat book for Marvel Comics. (Yes, the person who typed the above rape hoax is a professional writer.)

So far, neither of these companies has come out to give comment on the fact that Zoë effectively murdered this guy by rape hoaxing him. But these are very big companies, involved in producing the biggest blockbuster films of all time. Surely, they do not want their brands associated with a rape hoaxer who has literally driven a man to suicide by lying about him in an attempt to gain sympathy and use that sympathy for financial gain?

Ya Boi Zack was banned from publishing at Antarctic Press for simply stating that Ta-Nehisi Coates is a race hustler. That is a tiny company, and he wasn’t even directly employed by them. And no one died.

Both DC and Marvel need to make statements about this immediately. If they’re not going to fire her, they need to explain why they think her behavior is okay.