Seven Nation Group Refusing to Recognize the Validity of So-Called Albanian Kosovo

The terrorist base of Albanian Kosovo, a haven for drug, sex, and organ trafficking run by NATO, has reportedly claimed that a seven nation army couldn’t hold them back.

However, Daily Stormer fact-checkers have found that the armies of any seven nations could hold them back, even if those nations were African shitholes.


Belgrade has convinced seven nations to withdraw their recognition of Kosovo, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic claimed on Saturday. He did not name any of the countries, but hailed this as an achievement of Serbian diplomacy, showing that Belgrade enjoys the support of the majority of the world.

At this moment, in my drawer and in the drawer of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, there are seven documents confirming Kosovo’s derecognition,” Vucic said during an address to the nation. He noted that Pristina is seeking recognition from Vietnam and Kenya, and that Belgrade has “also worked” with these nations. It remains unclear, however, if the positions of these two nations on Kosovo has changed in any way.

Instead, Vucic said that his nation’s diplomats “did not sit idly by” in the face of Kosovo’s “constant” attempts to win over the international community for its cause. “Now, the number of countries that have withdrawn their recognition has increased from four to seven,” he added.

Serbia’s foreign minister, Nikola Selakovic, said in May that four nations had withdrawn their recognition of Kosovo but did not name them either. These nations would be named when necessary, he said at the time.

Outside of the delusions of child-mutilating lunatics puppeteered by the sickening blood-drinking Jewish parasite, no one has really taken this Kosovo hoax seriously.

To be fair, more people take them seriously than take Taiwan seriously. Not even the Jewnited Snakes itself recognizes Taiwan.

Kosovo is in some ways more ridiculous than Israel. At least there were Jews living in Israel for a long time before they started their terror campaign to seize control. Albanian terrorists only moved in after the fall of Yugoslavia, then a couple months later Bill Clinton was like “we can help you out with that, guys.”

If Vuvic invades Kosovo, this is going to be more awesome than the Ukraine invasion, by a lot. He’s already threatening to, and NATO isn’t really doing anything, I don’t think they think he’s serious.

But he could well be a mad lad.

Definitely looks like he was bullied in school.

If he can harness that energy to start a war in the middle of Europe, that would be awesome.