Serbia Begins Military Drills Near Kosovo

This is awesome.


Serbian Army units kicked off exercises near the administrative boundary with Kosovo on Wednesday. Though their timing coincides with the deadline given by Pristina authorities for implementing the controversial ban on Serbian documents, Belgrade insists the drills are entirely routine. 

“The training is carried out to preserve the high level of combat readiness of the units involved, and their capability to, if needed, quickly react to establish peace and security along the administrative line,” the Serbian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“Particular attention is paid to drills simulating an attack on the unit and the tactics, techniques and procedures to stop illegal crossings, extremist group operations and organized crime,” the military in Belgrade added.

That’s all that is in Albanian Kosovo by the way – extremist groups and organized crime.

Local residents have reported sightings of trucks, armored vehicles, and even tanks near Raska and Novi Pazar, cities nearest to the two administrative crossings with the breakaway province, where ethnic Albanian authorities tried to interdict traffic with Serbian documents last month.

As you know, the only way to move a modern military to the border of another country is to say you’re doing drills. Of course, they might just be doing drills, but this is exactly what you would do if they were going to invade.

The US started this war with Russia, they are trying to start wars with China and Iran – I see no reason why the other side shouldn’t start starting a few wars.

I think Venezuela should invade Colombia.