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That black guy on the Daily Show was not funny at all. It was sickening, frankly. They could have put anyone on that show.

He recently quit in humiliation, having spent years failing to make even one person giggle softly in his years-long run. Now, he’s trying to do something funny. He posted a video mocking that dumb bitch Kamala.

Pretty low-hanging fruit there, buddy. And we’re all sitting here noting the fact that you spent years shilling for this stupid fake cunt.

Maybe that black goofball can tradition into semi-edgy Republican style comedy by making fun of the most ridiculous people in the Democrat Party like Bill Maher does. He could get some attention doing that, for sure, because Republicans will automatically start sucking the dicks of any leftist who mocks Democrats.

However, he still won’t be funny. He could post funny videos made by other people on his social media, I guess. But this video he just posted is not that funny. I’m not barreling over with laughter. I’m mostly just outraged that this guy shilled for this bitch for years, and now he’s finally saying “actually, she really is a stupid ass hoe.”

Blacks Go Airborne in Stolen Maserati as White People Follow the Law, Act Like Total Faggots Wed, 05 Oct 2022 03:30:57 +0000

Teens hit 123 mph before deadly crash in stolen Maserati, Pinellas sheriff says

— WFLA NEWS (@WFLA) October 4, 2022

Right-wing people are such faggots. All they do is follow the law and go around looking totally queer.

Meanwhile, blacks are pushing it to the max, and maxing it out in stolen Maseratis.

Bitch faggot white nationalists can come find me when they go airborne in a Maserati. Until then, I don’t really have any interest in hearing about it.

New York Post:

Wild video shows a Maserati stolen by three teenagers hit 123 mph before it goes airborne and plows through a store sign in a Florida crash that killed one passenger and left the others injured.

The teens – none who were licensed to drive – were trying to shake Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies after they stole the unlocked 2016 sports car in St. Petersburg early Sunday, unaware they were being tracked by a police helicopter above.

When two police SUVs tried to pull over the stolen car around 3:20 a.m., 15-year-old driver Keondrick Lang put the pedal to the metal – leading a sergeant to order the deputies to “back off,” helicopter footage released Tuesday shows.

“And then the driver of the car… he punches it,” Sheriff Bob Gualtieri told reporters, according to a live stream of the conference. “And as he’s punching it and he takes off, the deputies immediately turn off their overheads, the sergeant got on radio and told them to disengage which they did immediately.”

The deputies drop to as low as 35 mph but the Maserati accelerates to a blinding speed that the young driver couldn’t handle. Within a few blocks the Maserati fishtails, jumps a curb and is sent flying like a missile into a business sign, the video shows.

Debris from the sign and the car spray outward as the car flips, eventually coming to rest upside down with its frame bent down the middle, according to the video.

The survivors just climbed out of the car like, “yo, nigga ass bitch, my dik muthafaka.”

Freaking based.

I have never seen white people do anything this cool – ever.

“Highly Profitable” Child Mutilation Centers Mushrooming Across America Wed, 05 Oct 2022 02:00:08 +0000

Unbelievable increase in gender clinics since 2007. This is from They have a map of the entire world on this page:

Orange: Pediatric Surgeon
Purple: Pediatric Gender Clinic
Light Prpl: 16-18 Gender clinic
Blue: informed Consent

— Natalie Nichols (@NatalieGNichols) July 15, 2022

Get money, nigga.

Chop that dick. Cut them tits out.


Daily Caller:

As many as 300 new pediatric gender clinics have opened in the U.S. over the past few decades amid soaring rates of transgender identity among adolescents, according to the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine.

As transgender identity has become more common, pediatric gender clinics have popped up all over the country offering various cross-sex medical services to minors. Individuals seeking to medically transition to the opposite sex can undergo a host of procedures including puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, double mastectomies for females and mammoplasty for males, facial surgeries and numerous other procedures on the genitals and reproductive system.

The Human Rights Campaign lists 60 pediatric gender clinics on its mapping project, which only includes “comprehensive multidisciplinary programs,” while the Gender Mapper puts the number over 200 and the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine (SEGM) estimates over 300. The number of clinics has exploded in recent years, with some estimates placing the first pediatric gender clinic in the U.S. to have opened as recently as 2007.

There are child gender clinics all over the country, including in Republican-led cities and states that have been vocal about cracking down on gender transitions for minors: Florida, Wyoming, Kansas, Montana and many southern states have multiple pediatric gender clinics, according to Gender Mapper.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, performed double mastectomies on minors, according to a video unearthed by the Daily Wire in which a woman identified as physician’s assistant Shalyn Vanderbloemen said the procedure was available to 16 and 17 year olds. The clinic also offers cross-sex hormones, which can permanently sterilize patients, to children as young as 13, according to the DW.

Dr. Sidhbh Gallager, a Miami-based plastic surgeon, performs 40 “top surgeries” per month, and one or two of those is on a minor, according to The New York Times. She said most underage patients were at least 15, but that she has performed the procedure on children aged 13 and 14.

This bitch is having the time of her life

Kaiser Permanente Oakland, a California hospital, performed 70 “top surgeries” in 2019 on teenagers age 13 to 18; it had only done five in 2013, according to a study.

“The number of pediatric gender clinics has risen dramatically during the last two decades just as the number of trans-identifying youth has increased by more than 4,000% over the same time period,” Joseph Burgo, a California based clinical psychologist and advisor to Genspect, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “It’s natural to assume that the medical profession has increased supply in response to demand for its services. Like most professionals, physicians and surgeons also seek to maximize their income and, as Dr. Shayne Taylor informed her Vanderbilt University Medical Center audience, gender medicine is highly profitable.”

Burgo was referring to a recently unearthed video of Taylor boasting of the profit opportunity cross-sex medical treatments presented to the Vanderbilt Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“It’s a lot of money. These surgeries make a lot of money,” she said. “So a female to male chest reconstruction could bring in $40,000. A patient just on routine hormone treatment who I’m only seeing a few times a year can bring in several thousand dollars without requiring a lot of visits and labs. It actually makes money for the hospital.”

Double-mastectomies, referred to by activists as “top surgery,” are more readily offered to minors than other cross-sex surgeries, and numerous clinics openly advertise them to patients in their mid-teens. Gallagher publicly admitted to performing the procedure on a 13 year old and a 14 year old who suffered extreme distress about their chests, and the procedure has been offered to minors by noteworthy institutions including Boston Children’s Hospital.

“I can’t honestly think of another field where the volume has exploded like that,” Dr. Karen Yokoo, a retired plastic surgeon at Kaiser Permanente Oakland, recently told the NYT about the rapid rise of double mastectomies for teen girls with gender issues.

“I know personally many, many, many trans men that have benefited and are happy with their medical transition and their top surgery. I would put myself in that category,” Kinnon MacKinnon, who is transgender, told the NYT before addressing the issue of detransitioners. “But just as a researcher, I do feel like there are questions that are deserving of answers and have implications for clinical care.”

Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones have drawn considerably less attention and public outrage than gender-related surgeries despite the serious health risks they pose. Puberty blockers cost about $1,200 per month, and an implant costs $4,500 to $18,000 , according to PBS.

Puberty blockers, if taken at the earliest stage of puberty, will permanently impair sexual function and prevent the patient from ever experiencing an orgasm, according to transgender activist and surgeon Marci Bowers. After blockers, patients can move on to cross-sex hormones, which can cause permanent infertility.

Cross-sex genital surgeries, referred to euphemistically as “bottom surgeries,” are rare in general and are particularly rare for minors, although there is no federal law banning them and they have occurred in several instances. More than half of surgeons who perform vaginoplasty (the surgical inversion of the penis to mimic a vagina) have performed the surgery on patients under 18, according to the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund.

The road to utopia goes straight through child genital mutilation.

We’re almost there. We’re almost to utopia. A paradise on earth is coming soon.

We just need to mutilate more genitals, particularly those of children.

New York: Man Jumps Around on the Top of a High Rise Building Wed, 05 Oct 2022 00:30:33 +0000

I was just talking about how white people never do anything cool like go airborne in stolen Maseratis, then I come across this guy in New York, jumping around outside on a high rise building.

Then I read “financial district,” and think “oh yeah, of course – he’s Jewish. White people never do anything cool, ever.”

Whoever that guy is, he’s maxing out.

Mad respect.

The Science Decides Students with Lice Shouldn’t be Sent Home Wed, 05 Oct 2022 00:00:13 +0000

Lice rights!

Freedom for the lice-riddled!

Lice-infested, rise up!

The College Fix:

New guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics say schools should not send children home if their heads are infested with lice.

The AAP protocols note children who have lice are “neither a health hazard” not necessarily practicing “poor hygiene.”

Of concern to the AAP is the alleged shame children would face if they’re sent home due to lice, reports. “Sending [children] home due to head lice can result in ‘phycological stress’ [sic] and ‘significant stigma.’”

“School exclusion of children or adolescents with nits alone would have resulted in many of these children or adolescents missing school unnecessarily,” the guidelines state. “In addition, head lice infestations have been shown to have low contagion in classrooms.”

Indeed, the AAP pointed to one study which determined only about four percent of infested persons’ pillowcases showed evidence of live lice.

Not allowing a student who still has lice to return to school also “may violate [their] civil liberties.”


“No healthy child or adolescent should be excluded from school or allowed to miss school time because of head lice or nits,” the AAP says in the new guidance. “Medical providers should educate school communities that no-nit policies for return to school should be abandoned, because such policies would have negative consequences for children’s or adolescents’ academic progress, may violate their civil rights, and stigmatize head lice as a public health hazard.”

While the AAP has several recommended treatments for head lice, including topical ointments and battery-powered “louse combs,” it very much does not want parents to shave their child’s head.

You know what they say: the road to a utopia is riddled with lice.

We are very near to a utopia now, on this great road of democracy, so it’s time we really started spreading lice at school.

Big time.

CIA Says Putin is Just Joking About Nukes Tue, 04 Oct 2022 16:55:00 +0000

In an exclusive interview, @NorahODonnell visited CIA headquarters to speak with Director William Burns and asked him if Putin is concerned about the advances Ukraine’s military is making as hundreds of thousands flee Russia.

— CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) October 3, 2022

CIA intelligence report:

Vladimir Putin is a totally unhinged lunatic. He could do anything. The crazy bastard just blew up his own multi-billion dollar pipelines just to send a message and try to confuse people.

However, despite this, he is a very reasonable and restrained man, and there is no reason to believe he will use nukes, even while he is threatening that.


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) does not believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently preparing to deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the agency’s chief William Burns said in an interview on Sunday.

“We have to take very seriously [any] kind of threats, given everything that’s at stake,” Burns told CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell.

However, he acknowledged that “we don’t see any practical evidence today in the US intelligence community that [Putin] is moving closer to actual use” or that there’s any “imminent threat of using tactical nuclear weapons.”

Asked if the Russian leader was bluffing when speaking about being ready to use “all the means at [its] disposal” if the country’s territorial integrity were threatened, Burns said it was “very hard to say at this point.”

The CIA director described the rhetoric from Putin and other high-ranking officials as “reckless and deeply irresponsible.” He also suggested that it was up to US policymakers to communicate to Moscow that such a decision would have “severe consequences.”

There’s no reason to worry about getting nuked. You won’t know it when it happens anyway – it’s just a quick flash and you’re gone.

What you need to be worried about is the single most important thing ever in all of history, excluding the Holocaust: the border integrity of the Ukraine.

People live and die. Empires rise and fall. Hundreds-of-years-old trees get chopped down to make disposable food-trays for black people.

But there is one thing that will remain eternal, until the death of the universe itself: the Ukraine’s 1991 borders.

When you die, it won’t matter what you did. It won’t matter about your family or your kids. Your work won’t matter. The only thing that will matter is how hard you fought to preserve the sacred 1991 borders of the Ukraine.

Brandon Allegedly Told Al Sharpton in Private That He’s Going to Run Again Tue, 04 Oct 2022 15:54:30 +0000

This probably isn’t true.


Joe Biden told Reverend Al Sharpton in a private conversation last month that he intends to run for the US presidency again in 2024, NBC has reported.

The remark was made during Biden’s meeting with the leaders of black civil rights groups, which took place at the White House on September 2, an official from Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) told the network.

Sharpton relayed his conversation with Biden to NAN staff as they posed for a photo in the Roosevelt Room in Washington later that day, he claimed.

“I’m going to do it again. I’m going,” Biden reportedly said about the possibility of him seeking a second term, a staffer said, recounting the reverend’s description.

They recounted his weird senile speech patterns from a private conversation. That’s really funny.

Biden had asked Sharpton, who is an MSNBC host and a Democratic power-broker, for advice before announcing that he was going to contest the presidential election in 2020, in which he banked on the black voters.

“Look, my intention, as I said to begin with, is that I would run again. But it’s just an intention. But is it a firm decision that I run again? That remains to be seen,” Biden told 60 Minutes on CBS in mid-September.

He can’t just go out and say “no, I’m too old, I don’t even know what’s going on, there is no way I’m doing this again, I want to watch my stories, play with the dogs, and then take a nap.”

The Democrats are flooding the airwaves with disinfo saying he’s going to run again, because if they don’t do that he’s immediately declared a lame duck. They are trying to say “oh well, he said it in private, so he must really think that.”

He doesn’t think anything. He’s burned out.

A few days ago, Bill Maher claimed that Brandon has his faculties about him and that he won’t give up the office willingly. He said that they might switch out Kamala, because she is so unpopular.

That’s dumb. But they will get rid of Kamala. There’s no way she’s going to be running for president in 2024. This is a democracy, so these people can just do whatever they want to you, but they do on some level have to worry about people just totally dropping out, and making Kamala the president would cause people to start dropping out. She’s too disgusting and hated.

Elon Musk Attacked for Trying to Bring Peace to the Ukraine Tue, 04 Oct 2022 15:26:19 +0000
Pictured: A man who puts on a shirt when it’s appropriate vs. a man who simply refuses to put on a shirt.

Elon Musk tweeted out a couple of the basic facts of the Ukraine conflict, explaining a road to peace. He said that the referenda in the four recently annexed regions could be redone under UN supervision, Russia could keep Crimea, and the Ukraine could remain neutral.

He attached a poll, and only 40% of respondents agreed with him on this plan. The other 60% want endless war and death for no reason other than that it feels good to agree with the television.

Under the poll, Musk noted that this was going to be the outcome regardless, and all we are doing by denying it is prolonging the inevitable, while also risking nuclear war.

People don’t care about nuclear war, any more than they care about however many thousands of Ukraine people dying. They just only care about agreeing with CNN and Fox News.

The Big Bad Jew Zelensky actually responded to Musk, doing his own Twitter poll asking if Musk should support Russia or his fake country of “The Ukraine.”

Obviously, that is just total bullshit. Attacking Musk for “supporting Russia” because he wants peace is just disgusting and evil. It’s very, very Jewish. Remember when the Jews were sending us to fight those Moslems for no reason, and then if you said anything about it, they called you a “terrorist sympathizer”? Remember when they said you support 911 if you don’t think we should send our young men to die, get mangled, and have their brains all screwed up fighting Iraq for no reason?

It’s the same thing. Looking for a solution that will bring about peace is an objective thing, which does not favor either side. What Musk said is a fair path, and one that would work. Russia would agree to a UN-observed redo of votes in the regions they’ve annexed. Zelensky is saying that Russian speakers in the East of the country don’t have a choice, and have to be forcibly enslaved by Kiev.

The UN has a designation for Russians within the Ukraine’s borders: they are “non-self-governing people.” The official process the UN uses in these situations is referenda on self-government. The Kiev government does not have a right to force these people to live under their rule. No one thinks they have that right.

After the rats came out in force for his first poll, Elon did a second one, asking the question in a clearer way for the idiotic retards.

He is barely winning that one. Apparently, more than 40% of people – democracy believers all – think it is fine to forcibly rule a foreign people against their will.

This is what I’ve been telling you: all ideology is a hoax. These are the same people who will claim America doesn’t have a right to exist because we “stole” land from the Indians. They’re the same people who think millions of foreigners should be allowed to flood white countries against the will of the local population because it’s sad that they’re poor. Surely, they also support the “independence” of Moslems in Kosovo. Remember that just recently, they were claiming that the Kurds should have their own state in Syria.

If they would just say “we support Jewish dominance of the world,” then okay. That’s fair enough. But they won’t say that. They go out there talking about “our values.” What are “our values”? Like the rules of the rules-based order, they are changing constantly, from situation to situation. They shift as much as Western “morality,” which has only promoted trannies for a few years and has now made it illegal to question trannies.

The people who actually believe in “our values” are stupid monkeys. They do not have any clear image of “values.” All they have is the government and media telling them what to do.

The war against Russia is not about values, it is about the center of power in the United States maintaining global dominance. That’s all it’s about.

That Jew Zelensky – who only wears T-shirts, by the way – just signed a decree saying he will never negotiate with Russia. This means he is going to keep sending people to die in a war, the purpose of which is to oppress people in the East of the country who do not want to be ruled by him, and to join NATO and put nuclear weapons on Russia’s border to threaten them.

Russians have a right to exist. The US does not have any right to force its will on the entire planet. They do not cite any source of that right, beyond these shifting “values.” It would be one thing if this was like Warhammer 40k and America was claiming some kind of divine right to rule. But this isn’t 40k, and they’re claiming that they have a right to rule because they need to force everyone in the world to have gay sex and turn their kids into trannies.

It’s extremely telling that all attempts at peace are denounced as “pro-Russia.” They have the whole thing locked down, using language, to the point where you’re not even allowed to talk about peace. The options are “endless war that is going to probably turn into World War III and involve nuclear weapons” and “you’re metaphysically evil for questioning the border integrity of a former Soviet state.”

The fact is: anyone who is “standing with the Ukraine” is defending war for the sake of war.

Elon Musk might be slightly right-wing, but claiming he’s a Russian shill is just dumb. If anything, Musk sees that this stupid, pointless war is going to screw up his futurist agenda, as we’re now talking about the total collapse of the Western economy. It’s logical that people involved in industry would be against that.

I called Musk a faggot for sending free internet to the Ukraine.

This Jew Zelensky taking time out of his busy day of fashion shoots and meetings with celebrities to denounce Elon Musk as “pro-Russia” is one of the goofiest things we’ve seen yet, and it speaks directly to how ridiculous this situation actually is.

Satanic Temple Sues Indiana and Idaho Over Abortion Ban Citing “Satanic Abortion Ritual” Right Tue, 04 Oct 2022 04:55:13 +0000

Related: Putin Condemns Satanic America, Denounces Tranny Agenda

Putin calls America “satanic,” and the Jews flip out, claiming it’s an “anti-Semitic dog whistle.”

Also: Jews are literally satanic and promote satanic child sacrifice rituals in America, which are identified openly by satanists as child sacrifice rituals.


The Salem-based Satanic Temple is suing Indiana and Idaho in federal court over their abortion bans, arguing they violate the religious rights of people in those states.

The temple, a nontheistic religious group that often gets confused for the Church of Satan, has used religious freedom arguments in a similar lawsuit challenging Texas’ abortion ban earlier this year.

The other side: A spokesperson for Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita told the Indianapolis Star the U.S. Supreme Court decided abortion isn’t protected under the Constitution. “This new lawsuit merely offers weaker arguments for the same discredited right,” the spokesperson said.

Details: In latest lawsuits, the temple argued each state’s ban violates the rights of people who took contraceptives and still became pregnant, denying the right of an “involuntarily pregnant woman” to engage in the “Satanic Abortion Ritual.”

The temple’s ritual includes the tenet, “One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.”
The temple accused the states of violating the 13th Amendment, discriminating against impregnated contraceptive users and the states’ own religion protections.

The temple also accused the states of unconstitutionally “taking the property of involuntarily pregnant women” (i.e. their bodies) without just compensation, noting that people get paid thousands of dollars to be surrogates, per court documents.

The group is also suing Boston for the right to give an invocation before city council meetings, a practice other religious groups have performed.

Remember: this is what America stands for.

If you are supporting America against Russia or for that matter China, you can’t be a Christian. You are literally a satanist, fighting for satanists.

There is nothing this country represents on the world stage other than pure evil.

Tranny Kids Learn to Hide Penises and Breasts with Tape in Maine Children’s Hospital Tue, 04 Oct 2022 04:35:00 +0000

THREAD: Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Maine has a ‘gender clinic’ which offers puberty blockers to kids, cross-sex hormones, guides for boys on “tucking”, and guides for girls on “chest binding.”

They also promote their services in helping young children fully transition:

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) October 2, 2022

We have schools in this country, by golly.

And if we’ve got schools, it only makes sense that boys would learn how to tuck their penises at those schools, gosh darn it.

We’re looking at a situation in the near future where 100% of children are going to be trannies, and they’re going to need real world knowledge about how to tuck their penises – at least until they can afford to have them chopped off.

Chest binding guide

Penis tucking guide

Jew Faggot Actor Lashes Out at People Who Won’t Pay to See His “Anal Romance” Film Mon, 03 Oct 2022 14:31:35 +0000

Most people are not gay, and they are disgusted by the concept of men ejaculating into each other’s anuses, then eating the semen mixed with poop out of each other’s anuses. People think this is gross. They don’t want to pay to see a movie about it.

But if you don’t pay to see such a movie, the gays will attack.

Billy Eicher is not just gay – he’s also Jewish.

The film in question, Bros, is about “gay sex” (anal ramming and rimming). It is supposed to be a comedy, though many fail to see the humor in brutally violating another man’s anus, giving him diseases, and then calling that “love.”

The film, which is the first gay anal film released by a major studio, did monumentally poorly.

On its opening weekend, it made only $4.2 million against a budget of $22 million.

Sorry, you faggot kike – no one wants to see this shit:

Watch this trailer:

Actually, no – don’t watch that.

But I just watched it, and it is everything you’d expect. At the end, one of the fags says “oh my God, do you guys remember straight people?” to which a dyke replies: “yeah, they had a nice run.”

So that is the faggots celebrating replacing heterosexuals. Everyone is going to be gay because they are molesting all the children.

No matter how much people in this country will say that they “love the gays,” no one wants to go see a movie with men kissing and rimming each other. It’s disgusting, and even people who say they support it think it is disgusting and don’t want to look at it.

You faggots can do whatever you want now. You can abuse and rape children right out in public.

But no one is going to go see your “anal comedy.”

And this faggot has the nerve to go out there and attack the “breeders” for refusing to degrade themselves by subjecting themselves to his anal harassment film.

Insider: Hillary Planning to Challenge Brandon for Nomination Using Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Platform Mon, 03 Oct 2022 13:37:45 +0000

No one truly believed that Hillary Clinton would ever go away.

The fact that she might come back using Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant platform is fitting.

New York Post:

Hillary Clinton is “dusting off” her husband’s playbook by criticizing the Biden administration’s “open borders” to put herself in place to mount a 2024 presidential run, veteran political consultant Dick Morris said in a new interview.

Morris, a former aide to President Bill Clinton, said Hillary is setting herself up to enter the race as a “moderate” choice for Democrats in two years for what would be her third shot at the White House.

“I see more and more signs that Hillary’s going to run,” Morris told John Catsimatidis on his WABC 770 AM radio show in an interview that aired Sunday​, noting that she has been remarking that Americans “do not believe in open borders.”

“These are all signals that she is going to be the moderate candidate for president. She’s going to say after the election, ‘See, the left cost us the House and the Senate. If we stay with a left-wing candidate in 2024, we’re going to lose the White House. I’m the only one who will tack to the center and give us a chance at victory​,​’​” Morris said.

Morris said he’s aware of the strategy she’s employing “because it’s the strategy I designed for Bill Clinton in 1992” when he won the Democratic nomination.​

“​Hillary is just dusting off Bill‘s playbook that I wrote for him and applying it herself this year,” he said.

The former secretary of state and senator from New York during an interview on MSNBC last month called out Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for flying migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, alleging the Republican was engaging in human trafficking.

“So many other Americans — I happen to believe still the majority of Americans — are good-hearted and generous and when people end up on their doorstep in need, they’re going to respond. They’ll feed them and house them and the kids in the AP Spanish class will be let out of high school so they can go and translate. That’s the kind of American spirit that we try to celebrate at the Clinton Global Initiative,” she said on MSNBC on Sept. 16, adding “nobody wants open borders who has any idea of how government and countries work.”​

Morris was building on comments he made to Catsimatidis on last week’s show when he predicted that Democrats will ditch President Biden in favor of Clinton over fears a more far-left candidate could end up nominated.​

Yeah, Biden is definitely the shittiest version of a far-left candidate. He is open borders and pro-street junkie, but he transfers billions to banks and starts wars everywhere. His presidency has been ultra-extreme, including the worst elements from both parties.

However, I tend to think this Morris fellow is just trying to sell a book and get articles written about himself. Hillary probably has some dream of running again – I’m sure she does – but that is not where things are going to go. Biden is going to announce he’s not seeking a second term, and he’ll likely be replaced with Gavin Newsom, who is the only person in the Democrat Party who at least appears to be a normal person.

Frankly, I think this whole political discussion is dumb and pointless, and the only possible way anything good is going to happen is if the US loses a war against Russia and China and the economy collapses. At that point, you have options.

As it stands right now, the only thing that can happen is Democrats maintaining permanent rule, and it doesn’t really matter if it is Biden, Kamala, Newsom, or Clinton; it’s going to be the exact same program, which is what you see right now: infinity immigrants, global war, child trannies, Jews controlling everything, poverty, death, forced gene therapy vaccines, no freedom, feminist abuse, obesity, stupidity, a police state, and everything else I hate.

Genius Strategist Petraeus Outlines Totally Sensible Response to Russian Nuke Mon, 03 Oct 2022 05:00:37 +0000
While cleaning up Iraq, General Petraeus had one motto and one motto only: “bitches don’t know about my dick.”

General David Petraeus is the great military genius of our time. He single-handedly turned the tides of the Iraq War, finishing off the Arabs and ending the war in 2007.

People were saying “the war is unwinnable – it’s going to last 20 years and you’re still going to lose.” Those people didn’t know about General Petraeus and his dick.

After his decisive victory in Iraq, finishing off the Russians is paddy-cakes to General Petraeus.

“Perhaps he’s wondering why you would surge a man before winning his heart and mind?”

For Petraeus, who managed to force Osama bin Laden to surrender control of Baghdad like he was shooting a puppy, defeating Russia is as easy as kicking a field goal with a pathetic kitten.

With these kinds of brilliant strategic minds on our side, I almost feel bad for Putin.


Retired US Army General David Petraeus has predicted that Washington would lead a devastating response to any Russian nuclear attack in Ukraine, wiping out all of Moscow’s forces and military bases in the region.

Patraeus, who briefly served as the CIA director after his counterinsurgency strategy failed in Afghanistan, told an ABC News interview on Sunday “We would respond by leading a NATO, a collective effort, that would take out every Russian conventional force that we can see and identify on the battlefield in Ukraine and also in Crimea and every ship in the Black Sea.”

The retired general did not offer any specifics on how NATO forces would make easy work of the Russian military, and admitted he was speaking hypothetically and was not aware of the Biden Administration’s plans. Patraeus added that Washington should avoid a “nuclear-for-nuclear” exchange, “but you have to show that this cannot be accepted in any way.”

In such a scenario, the US would be going to war directly with the world’s largest nuclear power, as President Vladimir Putin warned last month that Moscow would use all available means to protect Russia and its people if the country’s territorial integrity is in danger. The White House interpreted it as a threat to use nukes against Ukraine, and responded by threatening “catastrophic consequences.”

You see, it’s very simple: if Putin nukes the Ukraine, we will just bomb everything in Russia.

If Putin dropped one nuke on the Ukraine, he would still have 5,976 nukes remaining.

However, there is no way that when the US is bombing his entire country after he fires one nuke that he would fire more nukes, say at Berlin, Brussels, New York, and Washington.

You see, Putin is completely insane. He’s a totally unhinged lunatic, in fact. He just bombed his own pipes, wasting billions of dollars and removing all of the leverage he had over Europe, literally for no reason.

But the other thing you have to understand about Putin is that he is a truly reasonable and restrained person. He’s really cool and chilled out. He is just joking around when he says he will nuke Europe and America. It’s all bluster. Really, after he sends one nuke, we can just bomb all of Russia, and he will just sit there and take it, because he’s just that moderate and sober.

This is just basic common sense, which is why genius strategists like General Petraeus, the man who single-handedly won the Iraq War, is promoting this totally reasonable strategy.

Elon Vows Catgirl Sexbots – But Feminists Will Never Allow It Mon, 03 Oct 2022 04:15:40 +0000

Elon Musk has announced via Twitter that there will be a sexy catgirl version of his humanoid robot.

In theory, we could bypass feminism with technology.

Basically, we could all just have sex with robots, and then produce our offspring in artificial wombs. Any man with a robot wife who is producing a child in a lab is going to choose male children. So women would just die off, and it would just be men and their catgirl sex robots on earth.

Without white women, we could create the extremist right-wing society we are dreaming of.

That is technically a possible way we could save Western civilization and the white race by completely removing white women from existence.

The problem is: there is zero chance that women are going to allow sex robots to exist, and because we live in a democracy, they have the ability to prevent it.

You see: women know that the only thing of value they have is their vaginas. When they hear about the concept of a sex robot, they immediately know that such a machine would make them totally worthless, and everyone would just stop talking to them. They would be ghosts, walking around trying to harass men as they always have – only when they tried their harassment game, men would just turn from them and run away, back home to the loving arms of their robot catgirls.

All women know this. No woman will tolerate it. They will organize with the full force of pussyhat marches to shut it down, and they will get the Jews and the trannies to help them.

Women have been planning their assault on our sex robot agenda ever since people started talking about it. This is from The Guardian, 6 years ago:

The “conservative” anti-white hate publication “The Federalist” was making these arguments in 2015:

In Sweden, disgusting and evil white sluts are calling for an outright ban on sex robots that don’t even exist yet:

Just type “sex robots” into any search engine, and 97% of results are women flipping out and screaming “SHUT IT DOWN SHUT IT DOWN SHUT IT DOWN AGGGGGHHHHGGHHHH!!!!!111”

None of the arguments make any sense at all, because women are just stupid liars who will never say anything straight. In reality, if they actually wanted what they say they want, they would support sex robots because they would prevent men from “harassing” them. But they don’t want what they say they want. All of that is just goofy nonsense. Women want one thing and one thing only and that is to use sex to control men. Period. They do not have any other agenda.

And in this democracy, women have all of the power.

We can all dream of a world where white women are hit with a soft genocide using sexbots and artificial wombs, but as long as we have a democracy, it’s not happening.

I Don’t Care About “Hurricane Victims” Mon, 03 Oct 2022 03:30:49 +0000

The only reason people build their houses in tropical hurricane zones, knowing they will eventually be destroyed, is that the federal government subsidizes this stupid decision with FEMA rescues and aid money to rebuild (so they can get wiped out again in a few years and then bailed out again).

I will say: it’s hard to care about people getting their homes destroyed after they decided to build their homes in a place where they knew they would be destroyed.

None of these people did not know this would eventually happen.

New York Post:

Hundreds of thousands of people were stuck without power and other basic needs days after Hurricane Ian ripped through Florida, as recovery from the deadly storm was estimated to easily cost billions of dollars.

First responders were going door-to-door in search of survivors or bodies of people who perished amid the Category 4 storm’s whipping winds that topped 150 mph and pounding rain that caused massive flooding.

The storm was believed to have killed at least 82 people in the Sunshine State, with another four deaths in North Carolina, according to an NBC count early SundayThe Associated Press had a lower death toll of 47 in Florida from the hurricane.

Among the dead was an elderly couple whose oxygen machines turned off after they lost power, authorities said.

More than 1,000 people had been rescued as of Sunday morning, said General Daniel Hokanson, the head of the National Guard.

Eerie post-apocalyptic scenes of the powerful storm’s aftermath included hours-long lines for gas, and thousands still stuck in shelters.

Rescue efforts also continued on Florida’s barrier islands with the US Coast Guard running evacuations by boat after road access was cut off.

Pine Island was akin to a war zone with many homes completely leveled and boats thrown on roadways.

About 10,000 people were stuck in shelters in the state, the Miami Herald reported.

Yeah, well. That sucks for them.

But I’m going to say: Jesus literally told people not to do this.

That’s a metaphor of course, but it’s just also factually true.

There were floods in Biblical times too (retroactive global warming), and everyone knew not to build their houses in flood zones. That’s why it was a metaphor: because everyone understood, 2,000 years ago, how stupid it is to build a house on sand in a flood zone.

So why should I feel bad for people who ignore basic common sense?

I don’t think taxpayers should have to foot the bill for their bad decisions, frankly.