Scott Atlas Bullied Into Apologizing for Doing Interview on RT

President Trump’s coronavirus advisor Scott Atlas last week went on for an interview with RT, a Russian-owned media outlet.

The Jews went nuts, saying that it is only allowed for people to go on their outlets, and if anyone goes on any other outlet, they are evil.

After being bullied and berated by these Jews, who have an obvious financial dog in this fight along with their known political one, Atlas eventually surrendered, and tweeted that he shouldn’t have gone on “Russian state TV.” He apologized to the spies who have been working to undermine America by falsely characterizing Russia as a threat to America.

The problem is, RT gave Atlas a 30-minute slot, where they aired uncut footage of him saying everything he believes. This aired on cable TVs across the world, and was available on YouTube. What difference does it matter who owns the network, when they are simply reporting the facts?

CNN won’t air 27 minutes worth of nigh uncut interview footage with any Republican, let alone a Republican who disagrees with their lockdown. Scott Atlas is being systematically silenced.

CNN was one of the major Jewish networks demanding that Atlas apologize for sitting for an interview with a Russian-owned station, and the first to gloat when Atlas finally apologized.

Meanwhile, the only CNN interview with him has been just a few minutes long, and featured him being berated by the Jewish propagandist Michael Smerconish – two months ago.

People have a right to hear what he’s saying.

Atlas has every right to sit down for an interview that people are going to see. I know this whole “don’t apologize to these people” is old hat, but it’s still just as true as it ever was – you don’t gain anything from it.