School Board Doesn’t Allow Woman to Read Her Daughter’s Assignment to Them

Parents have no right to read their children’s assignments.

Children are property of the state.

Parents need to stay out of the lives of their children.

It takes a village, after all.

The College Fix:

“Profane” sexual language is acceptable for student reading but not for open meetings among adults, alleges a viral video from the Clark County School District.

The video depicts a mother, Kandra Evans, tearfully alleging to the board that her 15-year-old daughter was required to “memorize” and “act out” in “front of her entire class” a passage in which a female character confessing her lesbianism to her boyfriend says, “I don’t love you. It’s not you, it’s just I don’t like your d*** or any d*** in that case. I cheated Joe.”

The mother prefaced her remarks with a warning that it would “be horrifying for me to read to you but that will give you perspective on how she must have felt,” but was interrupted by a school board member who told her, “we are not using profanity.”

Newsweek reported that another video (starting at 16:50) subsequently released shows the mother being granted her full allotted time to speak afterward, but the admonishment illustrates the apparent incongruity between the standards of the school board and the alleged standards of at least one of the district’s high-school teachers.

The district later said it was investigating the situation, but without clearly confirming or denying anything it insinuated it involved a “class assignment consisting of a student-generated writing exercise that produced content not conducive to student instruction.”

Everyone knows where this is going: they are going to try to federally ban homeschooling.

They are going to say that the parents are “radicalizing” their children in home schools.

Homeschooling was already banned in Germany and in other countries.

And Germans are a whole lot less radical than Americans.

Daily reminder: these are your average school teachers: