Scalped: Canadian Injuns on a Stabbing Spree – Still Loose, Stabbing Randos

What kind of stabbing is going on here?

Are they actually scalping people?

I will have some respect if these Injuns are on a blood rampage scalping whites.

CBC News:

Melfort RCMP have issued a provincewide dangerous persons alert after several calls of stabbings in the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon, Sask.

Police said they received a report that the two suspects, identified by RCMP as Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson, may have been traveling in the Arcola Avenue area in Regina around 11:45 a.m.

“As the suspects are at large, we have also asked for the alert to be extended to Manitoba and Alberta,” RCMP said in a news release Sunday afternoon.

They released that information just after noon CT Sunday.

In the alert issued at 8:20 a.m. CT Sunday, they said two male suspects are believed to be in a black Nissan Rogue with Saskatchewan licence plate 119 MPI. As the suspects may have access to a vehicle, the RCMP have expanded the alert provincewide.

Police are asking Regina residents to take precautions and consider sheltering in place.



Shelter in place?

That is so gay. Canada is a gay and faggoty country.

RCMP said residents should be careful about allowing others into their home and to not leave a secure location.

A 10 a.m. CT update from the Saskatchewan RCMP said there are multiple victims in multiple locations and it appears victims are being attacked at random.

Weldon is located about 50 kilometres southeast of Prince Albert, and about 25 kilometres southwest of James Smith Cree Nation.

Damien Sanderson is described as being five foot seven inches, weighing 155 pounds. with black hair and brown eyes.

Myles Sanderson is listed as being six foot and one inch tall and 240 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

They probably do not have the same father. The might not even be brothers at all. It’s funny to me that Indians are named “Sanderson.” The only famous person I can think of with that name is a shitty Mormon fantasy writer.

The alert was first issued at 7:12 a.m. CT Sunday and has since had several updates.

Residents in the Regina area are also being advised to not approach suspicious persons and to not pick up hitchhikers.

Instead, the RCMP said they should report suspicious persons, emergencies or information to 911.

They are also being asked to not share the locations of police.

It almost makes you think that allowing adults to own guns – as if they were adults – is good for society, no?

It took me a minute to realize they were red Indians. We don’t have any Indian crime in America that I’m aware of, but I think it’s because they live on reservations and do not have the energy to leave. I know they have something like a 100% alcoholism rate, and a really ridiculous amount of incest, but they don’t seem to commit any violent crime off the res.

I used to go to reservations to buy cigarettes, and have also been to a couple Indian casinos, and no one ever seemed capable of being in any way threatening.

It’s interesting to ponder. In America – in what is now the continental United States, I should specify – Indians were super bad in the old days. They were like, worse than the blacks. They seem to have been sort of like the Ancient Mongols, just less sophisticated.

This whole story has been romanticized beyond belief. I actually like some of the romantic stuff – I still think Dances with Wolves is a great film (even though it’s not as good as Waterworld).

Last of the Mohicans was probably much better, actually.

But both are very good films romanticizing the noble savage.

We used to go see the outdoor theatre event Tecumseh when I was a kid. Tecumseh was an Indian from Ohio who supposedly tried to organize various tribes to kill whites.

I also did enjoy (guilty pleasure) the Jason Aaron comic book Scalped. It portrayed modern Indians as running gangs (which I don’t think is true at all), and then integrated their mythology – or alleged mythology – and romanticized it in a way that was very white.

Aaron is one of the better comic writers that is still active, but the book might have not been so well received by me if it didn’t feature R. M. Guéra’s art. He is just so good.

And then of course you have the most famous of all Indian romantic stories, which is James Cameron’s Avatar. I thought the movie sucked. I saw it in the theatre and didn’t ever have a desire to watch it again. I just saw he’s finally making the sequels.

(I would have preferred he make a new Terminator or Aliens film, frankly. I was big into his films, but never could make it through Titanic, and then thought Avatar just sucked. Terminator 2 is probably the single best big budget action/scifi film ever made. It had the very best practical effects. The fact that Cameron became obsessed with CGI crap is gross.)

I don’t think any of this romantic stuff is in any way accurate, at all.

I really dislike Cormac McCarthy, and would support imprisoning him for obscenity. However, even while it is disgusting edgelord trash, I think that Blood Meridian (which I read recently) featured a much more realistic portrait of what Indians actually behaved like. He depicted these people as just complete death cultists, and a bloody, satanic force of nature.

(That quote on the cover is literally the best sentence in the book.)

I have attacked Cormac McCarthy’s novels for not being real literature, not containing valid themes or structure, relying totally on stylistics over substance – but with Blood Meridian, he can at least say “I wrote it to show that Indians were lower than any animal and whatever white people are accused of doing to them, they deserved worse.”

McCarthy is old and still not dead, and hasn’t been canceled. Poor JK Rowling is canceled, and Harry Potter is being described as anti-tranny Christian Nationalist propaganda.

Someone should try to get McCarthy canceled. Get him to apologize for being a racist, and misrepresenting the Apaches as violent savages.

Cormac McCarthy getting canceled would drive all of the 115 pseudo-intellectual boomers and gen xers who are sitting by and doing nothing as their beloved liberalism is totally replaced with a pederastic cult over the edge. It is impossible to overstate how much he means to every single college-educated boomer and gen xer who pretends to be a leftist intellectual.

They claim Blood Meridian is “the great American novel.”

There is no great American novel, other than Moby Dick and Bonfire of the Vanities. Americans simply did not ever write very good novels. Most of the good novels were written by the Russians, and the rest were written by the French. William Shakespeare is still better than any novelist, and the novel is a vulgar art that was always going to lead to some deranged pervert like McCarthy writing about Indians chopping the heads off of babies and hanging them from a tree like Christmas ornaments.

If it was still 2016, and the media was still obsessed with me, I would endorse Blood Meridian as the Official Great American Novel of the Alt-Right™ and force the 100-year-old boomer pervert McCarthy to disavow that book. It would be hilarious.

But nothing is fun anymore, and nothing is funny. Jews have officially decreed: “thou shalt not lol.”

That’s the first commandment of the Ten Commandments of our values of who we are in a democracy.

Psycho Dictator Brandon needs to put this in his next speech.

That is the funny thing: Joe Biden going full psycho dictator and saying there is no more fun allowed in his America because of who we are in a democracy of values is actually funny.

They are probably going to send the cops to kill everyone, and that’s a shame, but you have to admit: Brandon going full evil dictator, just openly threatening the majority population with some kind of organized crackdown on everyone who disagrees with him – this is the first funny thing we’ve seen in some time now.

I would write these speeches if they asked me too.

They’d be like “but aren’t you a Trump guy, bro?” and I’d be like “yeah, but you know, this whole psycho dictator saying he’s going to go full Dr. Doom – I just think this is funny. Every time I think of that Joe Biden speech where he’s announcing a dictatorship, I think about if Dr. Doom met with the Pope and shit his pants, lol.”