Nick Fuentes: “Say His Name: Jesus Christ!”

Nick Fuentes appeared for a second time this weekend at a Stop the Steal anti-fraud event in Arizona on Sunday, giving a speech to a crowd outside the capitol building.

The speech was amazing, as always. It was also on a wide range of topics unrelated to the election, which is great, given that we’re all getting a bit fatigued from that. Of course, every topic ties back to the importance of this fight for the presidency – and it will remain that way, even if we lose this battle – because every single issue we are facing is all tied up in this spiritual battle between good and evil, and Donald Trump, for better or worse, is the avatar of the light.

You know virtually everything you need to know about a person based on where they stand on Donald Trump. Obviously, there are exceptions, such as in a situation with some Jew like Ben Shapiro who is attempting to manipulate the situation for his own purposes. But if a person is honestly telling you “I support the President,” then you can say with some certainty he is on your side. If he doesn’t support the President, you can know with absolute certainty that he is against you.

Obviously, I don’t sign off on everything Trump has done while in office. But that is very far from the point. The point is that Donald Trump represents nationalism and tradition against globalism and liberalism. This is good vs. evil, and it is mankind against the abyss.

Nothing has made this more clear than the coronavirus hoax. The Jews want to strip you of all of your rights, they want to bankrupt you, they want to make you a numbered unit in a global system where a tiny minority of elites rule over a mass of slaves. Donald Trump may or may not understand the depth of this situation, but what he does understand is this: the people must be free. Without freedom, we are no longer men.

At the same time that Trump has become, at this moment in time, the manifest point of conflict in this eternal battle between good and evil, this is all much bigger than him. We are rapidly approaching the moment of ultimate truth.

With this virus hoax, we have now seen what the left wants, unmasked: they want every single aspect of your personal life to be controlled by a high-tech matrix. They seek not only control of your behavior, but control of your thoughts and your very soul. They are training you to surrender your entire being to them. They want control of every intimate decision you make. These people have already told you to wear a mask during sex, and this has only just begun.

This system ultimately can only be understood as satanic. There is no other explanation for the agenda that it has. There is no other reason that it would revel in such brutal domination. It wants to take away from us the thing that God gave us that defines us as men rather than beasts: will.

Made in His image, we are God’s most personal creation, and the goal of the devil is to destroy us by taking from us what defines us as beings made in the image of God, and that is our freedom of will. If the devil is able to strip us of our ability to think and act on our own will, he will have defeated God.

We know that God’s victory is eternal, so we know that freedom of will shall never be fully stripped from men. But many will surrender it. Many already have.

I was touched by the point Nick made regarding the way that politicians speak of God and the Bible, in contrast to the way he does. He noted that politicians, when they want to appeal to Christians, speak of “God,” “scripture” and “religion.” But Hindus, Buddhists and Moslems could be spoken to in the same language. Nick says the thing that belongs only to us, and what made Western civilization, and what made each of us, is the name of our Lord and Savior: Jesus Christ.

When Christ came to the earth, He came as God and as Man. Jesus didn’t sin, but He could have. He was tempted, just as we all are. He made the choice, of His free will, to sacrifice Himself to save us.

We are facing choices now, and more than ever before, we need to remember who we are, and what we are. We are the children of God, put here to choose to do the right thing. The right thing, right now, is to fight. If you are willing to fight, then you are among those who will be saved.

I know as well as anyone that we are looking out, and feeling doomed. It is easy to want to give up. But it is given to us to fight, to the last man, for our country, for our people, and for our God. Don’t let them break you. It’s your choice whether they do. You have the choice, of your own will, to fight. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

No matter how bad it gets, no matter how bad it looks like it’s going to get, you have to keep fighting.

Things are getting dark, and you must have faith that there is a light at the end of all of this, because it is going to get so dark that you can’t see the light. The devil is going to whisper in your ear that God has forsaken you. It will happen more than once.

The devil is a liar.

You have to believe that God will give us victory, no matter what the odds appear to be.

God already gave us Nick Fuentes.

This is already frankly a lot more than any of us deserved.

You just have to trust God.

He has this all planned out. I might have been granted a bit more insight into that than most, but it is only because I’ve always believed it.

There is a plan.

You have to trust the plan. 

Christ is risen and Christ is King.

It is in the name of Jesus Christ that we fight, and He will not forsake us.