Saudi Arabia: Thot Sentenced to 34 Years in Prison for Posting on Twitter

The Moslem issue is a complicated issue.

On the surface level, you have the fact that Moslems have been invading and trying to conquer Europe for more than 1,000 years, so they are natural blood enemies. Then you have the fact that the mass immigration program is viewed by Moslems as a continuation of that conquest agenda.

However, on the other side you have the fact that Moslems are anti-Semitic and based and redpilled. If they are in their own countries, they are not a problem, and the only reason they are in our countries is that our Jew-run governments invited them in. That’s really the thing about all immigrants: the governments invite them in, or otherwise enable them to come in. The whole thing is incentivized with free housing and healthcare and money, as well as protection from prosecution for committing serious crimes.

I rarely see things done by Moslems in terms of domestic policy that I don’t agree with. In fact, I can’t think of anything Moslem governments do domestically that I don’t agree with, other than put extra taxes on Christians. Overall, they have great policies.

In particular: Islam is right about women.


Saudi women’s rights campaigner Salma al-Shehab was sentenced to 34 years in prison on Monday for her activity on Twitter, according to court documents viewed by CNN.

Al-Shehab, 33, was also banned from traveling outside of Saudi Arabia for another 34 years.

The PhD student at Leeds University in the United Kingdom had been arrested in January 2021 and was subjected to questioning sessions over a period of 265 days before being brought to the Specialized Criminal Court, according to independent human rights organization ALQST.

She was initially given a six-year sentence late last year — this was increased to 34 years after al-Shehab filed an appeal, according to the documents.

This is a guy who lives in a country where you can get arrested for posting on Twitter, sharing a pic of a paper from a country where you can also get arrested for posting on Twitter, whining about someone getting arrested for posting on Twitter

The charges filed against her by the Public Prosecution included “providing succor to those seeking to disrupt public order and undermine the safety of the general public and stability of the state, and publishing false and tendentious rumors on Twitter,” ALQST said.

Al Shehab told the court that without prior warning, she was “propelled” into the months-long investigation, during which she was kept under solitary confinement, according to the court documents.

ALQST’s Head of Monitoring and Communications Lina Al-Hathloul told CNN that al-Shehab had been arrested for supporting her sister Loujain al-Hathloul — a prominent activist who spent more than 1,000 days in jail following a May 2018 sweep that targeted well-known opponents of the kingdom’s since-rescinded law barring women from driving — and other prisoners of conscience on Twitter.

Lina Al-Hathloul said in the ALQST statement that al-Shehab’s sentence “makes a mockery of the Saudi authorities’ claims of reform for women and of the legal system,” adding that it “shows that they remain hellbent on harshly punishing anyone who expresses their opinions freely.”

They urged that the Saudi government release al-Shehab and demanded that the kingdom protect freedom of speech.

Al-Shehab’s Twitter account remains online with a pinned tweet that reads: “Freedom for prisoners of conscience and all the oppressed of the world.”

“But I can say this is a general matter and I can say this without any caveat and resolutely: exercising freedom of expression to advocate for the rights of women should not be criminalized,” said State Department spokesperson Ned Price at a briefing with reporters.

Here’s another important thing about this: the American Jew media used to cover up all this stuff that goes on in Saudi Arabia that ostensibly violates “our values in a rules-based democracy.”

The Jewish media avoided criticizing Saudi Arabia because they were allied with Israel, they were opposed to Iran, they were giving cover to Israel, and so on. So for a long time, you had a situation where Saudi Arabia was executing homosexuals and the US media wasn’t mentioning it while at the same time they were constantly attacking Russia for banning homosexuals from indoctrinating children (homosexual acts and even homosexual clubs are still legal in Russia, and they definitely are not prosecuting homosexuals, aside from possibly in Chechnya, but there is no proof of that).

However, now the West has basically turned against Saudi Arabia because they are linking themselves to China. So you have all of these articles coming out about how Saudi Arabia is not who we are in our values of human rights in a democracy.

There is also evidence that Saudi is looking to decouple from Israel, but we will have to see about that. Overall, Prince Salman has surprised me. I was not a big fan, especially when he was meeting with Jared Kushner and planning various agendas in Palestine. But Salman has turned out to be pretty based.

It was nasty that he chopped up that terrorist journalist, but it was also hilarious. Screw that fat slob. That event served as a kind of springboard for this current situation, and it almost seems like it was planned. I often pointed to how silly the killing was, as there was no way they could not get caught. But it’s possible they wanted to get caught and then get attacked by the West and have an excuse for decoupling from the West.

Right now, Jewish Secretary of State Antony Blinken is saying that every time he meets with the Saudis, he tries to convince them to have gay sex.

I’m very sure they are getting tired of that, and along with being badgered about killing that journalist, they are sick of hearing about how great it is for men to masturbate into other men’s rectums.

This one goes out to Salma al-Shehab: