Saintly Latinas Providing Cost-Efficient Hookers, Shut Down by Man-Hating Feds

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2019

Haha, another day, another raid. Wait – not the whores! Anything but the whores!

Imagine having a dream: providing oppressed men with affordable, high-quality prostitution services by smuggling your illegal spic relatives across the border.

Now imagine that dream being crushed mercilessly by government thugs, who are promoting feminism and are probably closet homos as well.

Have you ever heard such a sad story?

Probably not. And you know the worst thing?

It’s all true.


Women who are living in the United States illegally were used as prostitutes inside a Goose Creek home, according to federal court documents.

A search warrant application and affidavit detail how authorities believe Maria Zavaleta-Perez transported “undocumented aliens” across state lines to her house on Plainfield Avenue to work as sex workers.

The residence is located just a couple hundred feet from Goose Creek High School off of Red Bank Road.

Neighbors say they heard and saw federal agents raid the home on Sept. 19. Court documents said agents found and seized approximately 100 packaged condoms and several bottles of personal lubricant gel.

America is chock full of dirty businessmen hiring illegals to pick fruits or process chicken carcasses or whatever, and all they get is a slap on the wrist – at best. Even though they’re stealing jobs from American robots.

Yet when these same illegals are providing a service we actually need – whorehouses – the full power of the state is brought down on their heads.


I guess it doesn’t matter when illegals steal men’s jobs, but when beaner women undercut feminists by flooding the market with cheap brown pussy, everybody loses their mind, huh?

Zavaleta-Perez was arrested and interviewed by authorities the same day. She explained to agents that the prostitutes come from Atlanta, Charlotte, Virginia, Florida, Maryland and New York. Profits from the clients are split 50/50 between the women and her.

“The prostitutes or ‘girls’ charge $30, but sometimes there is an additional charge of $20 for other services which would increase the cost to $50. The extra $20 is kept by the girl who engages in the sexual act. The $30 is for fifteen minutes,” court documents detailed.


Let me repeat that.


That’s third world level pricing right there.

You think feminism could maintain any kind of momentum if men could get laid any time they want for $30?

Never mind, for a minute, that these women are goblins.

And I don’t mean sexy anime goblins….

….or do I?

It’s a question of principles at this point. If the base goblin model is $30, you could probably upgrade to a hobgoblin for $40, and even a sultry half-orc hoe for $50-60. The world is full of possibilities.

Or at least, it would be if it wasn’t for the FOG (Feminist Occupational Government).

The search warrant applications said Perez went by the nickname, “La China,” and explained how she would deliver the prostitute to the location of a caller, or customers could go to her residence for business.

“‘La China’ has two prostitutes every week that stay at her house at 120 Plainfield Avenue in Goose Creek. The two prostitutes are transported down from North Carolina by ‘La China’ and/or unnamed co-conspirators,” court documents described. “They stay at the house for approximately one week and then are transported back to an unknown location in North Carolina and switched out for two new females.”

Neighbors believed the women were relatives of Zavaleta-Perez, and they were shocked to hear the women were involved in a prostitution business being operated inside the nearby house.

The neighbors were probably shocked that such low-cost whores were offered so close to their homes, and bitterly regretful they never got the chance to make use of their services.

I feel their pain – I really do.

We won’t solve this problem until they come up with mass-produced sex androids.

Imagine how cheap cyber-goblinas would be.