Russia: Women and Faggots Arrested at Anti-Mobilization Protest

“Please calm down, slut. You’re going to jail now.”

The sluts and faggots who are protesting should immediately be transferred from jail to the front lines in Kharkov. That is just obvious.

If people don’t want to fight, then they don’t deserve the protections a state offers. The conflict in the Ukraine is not an elective military campaign like the US missions in Iraq and Afghanistan – this is an existential fight for Russia, and people who aren’t willing to stand with the troops are an existential threat to the country.


Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of Moscow and several other Russian cities on Wednesday to protest a partial mobilization, announced earlier on Wednesday by President Vladimir Putin amid Russia’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine. The demonstrations were not authorised by authorities.

So far, Moscow police have not officially released any crowd numbers for the rally and didn’t provide exact figures on how many people have been detained.

According to an activist group, OVD-Info, hundreds were held by law enforcement in the Russian capital as a crowd gathered not far from the General Staff headquarters in the city center. OVD-info is an activist group covering various protest actions in Russia. It was designated a ‘foreign agent’ by the Russian Justice Ministry in 2021.

Earlier, Moscow authorities announced that the demonstration was not authorized, with police warning that anyone taking part could be detained and face fines or even a jail term. The latter, however, would require a court hearing.

Other rallies, though smaller in size, were held in other Russian cities. A crowd gathered near Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg. The demonstration there ended up in brief scuffles with police, and detentions. At least 312 protesters have been detained in St. Petersburg, according to OVD-Info.

Here is a collection of videos from the events.

This is what Russia has wrought by allowing the American media to infiltrate their country.

The Ukraine has spend the time since 2014 being totally saturated in American propaganda – and Russia has allowed the same to happen in their country, really for no reason.

Russia now has an obvious fifth column in the form of these women and various homosexuals. If they would have stopped Twitter and Facebook in 2014, when the Ukraine shut off all Russian influence, they would be in a much better position, and these freak people would basically not exist in Russia at all.

That said, it does appear that the revolters are a very small fraction of the population. Activating the reserves for active duty and deployment to a war zone is a very major act by Russia, and if the opposition can only rally a few hundred people in response, they are a flaccid and inept body.

On the whole, the Russian people are 100% behind Putin and his defensive actions against Western belligerence.


I was just joking above, but people are reporting that the protesters are being handed summons to report to a military enlistment office while in jail.

Russia is so based.