Russia Quietly Reports Major Hacking After Joe Biden Said He was Going to Hack Russia

We still do not have any evidence for the endless claims that Russia does hacking.

The US federal government did a years-long investigation into that claim, and came up with nothing.

One thing we do know: Russia gets hacked. We know that because the US government announces that they’re doing it.


Foreign hackers compromised Russian federal agencies in a digital espionage campaign that Russian officials described as unprecedented in scope and sophistication.

The little-noticed report – published this month by Russia’s FSB security service and Rostelecom-Solar, the cybersecurity arm of telecoms company Rostelecom – provides an unusually detailed look at a purportedly state-backed cyber spying operation aimed at the Russian state.

But while the investigation describes the 2020 hacking campaign as “unprecedented,” it provides no indication of who might be behind it.

Assessing the attackers’ level of preparedness and qualification … we are inclined to refer to this group as cyber mercenaries, pursuing the interests of a foreign state,” the report said, citing the hackers’ “thorough preparation” and their intimate knowledge of Russian antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab’s software.

Kaspersky told Reuters it was aware of the report, but had no information to suggest that the hackers had exploited any vulnerabilities in its products.

Government-backed reports about foreign hackers often serve as we-see-you messages to foreign intelligence services, but Stefan Soesanto, a researcher at the Center for Security Studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, said he was struck by how little attention the report seems to have garnered in the Russian press.

The Solar-FSB report was published on May 13 with little fanfare and only began attracting notice in information security circles after it was picked up by cybersecurity company Recorded Future’s publication, The Record, more than a week later.

If you’re actually hacked, you probably don’t go around bragging about it too loudly. It’s embarrassing, like getting beaten up or experiencing erectile dysfunction. It could also help you lose faith in the state.

Democrats spent Donald Trump’s entire presidency undermining the legitimacy of the state, claiming that democracy had failed. Following an election theft by the Democrats, they are now in the process of totally silencing anyone who questions their legitimacy. But they are the ones that started this game of “undermine the public faith in our institutions.”

Point being: we’re at the point where we’re used to our own government attempting to undermine its own legitimacy. We shouldn’t be surprised at a state that isn’t doing that. Russia mentioned the hacking as you would mention your erection issues to your doctor. (I hope you don’t have erection issues, these are caused by obesity and/or porn. It’s just an example. Plus, what does anyone need an erection for at this point anyway? Haha… ha… heh…)

Joe Biden announced in March that he was ordering the hacking of Russia as revenge.

Of course, Russia cannot identify the source, because you can’t identify the source of a hack. That’s why the attribution by James Comey was so dumb in the first place.

For one, most hacking is done by private groups that governments contract out. They are often Israeli.

For two, you can’t just “backtrace” a hacker. Even if you think you’ve tracked them down, there is still a high likelihood that you’ve tracked down the wrong source.

Remember that it took years to track down Dread Pirate Roberts of Silk Road, and they eventually caught him by tracking him in a public place with his laptop and staging a distraction and grabbing his laptop while it was open. They didn’t arrest him after backtracking him, they had to get a warrant to seize his laptop first, because they didn’t know for sure it was him.

Oh, and they caught him because he reused an email address. Not because they backtraced him at all.

There is no such thing as cyber backtracing.

Just a daily reminder that the US media spent four years propagandizing you with a total nonsense hoax before starting the current nonsense hoax.

If people had cared about the truth, coronavirus would have been impossible.

But people don’t care about the truth.

Even now, Republicans are backing Joe Biden’s anti-Chinese atrocity hoax about the “pandemic,” even though there was no pandemic.