Russia Puts Down Hundreds of Rabid “Ukraine” Animals in a Day

At this point, frankly, I just want to see videos of Russian soldiers mowing down “Ukrainian” civilians indiscriminately.

These people are continuing to march and die and destroy their own country, kill their own people, for no reason at all, other than allegiance to a foreign Jewish regime.

Just level the place. Kill everyone. No one can claim they don’t deserve it.


Russian strikes on a shipbuilding plant in the Ukrainian port of Nikolaev killed as many as 500 troops on Tuesday, the Russian defense ministry claimed during a daily press briefing on Wednesday.

The troops belonged to the Ukrainian Army’s 59th Mechanized Brigade, the report said, who it’s believed were taking cover at the Okean Shipyard. The facility is located in the southern part of the Ukrainian city that stands on a major river some 60 kilometers inland from the Black Sea.

The ministry said the Russian Air Force had used precision weapons to strike the plant’s workshops, killing Ukrainian service members and destroying arms and military vehicles.

Ukrainian sources reported several Russian cruise-missile strikes targeting Nikolaev on Tuesday. These caused damage to port infrastructure, to industrial buildings and to the power grid, and destroyed some trucks, the Ukrainian military said.

In the briefing, Russia also claimed to have routed the 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade. The report claimed that the Ukrainian unit lost over 60% of its strength during fighting for territory claimed by the Moscow-allied Lugansk People’s Republic. The brigade fled from its positions in violation of the order from its command to stand its ground, the Russian military said.

Last week, the Russian military claimed to have killed scores of Ukrainian officers after striking a compound where a meeting of commanders of several Ukrainian units was taking place.

Nah, it’s fine.

There’s no reason to start slaughtering civilians. I would cheer if I saw it, not gonna lie. There’d be champagne corks popping around my room like ping-pong balls at the sight of entire villages of these Ukie garbage being mowed down with machine guns. I would cry tears of joy seeing these animals’ bodies torn to shreds by totally indiscriminate PKP fire.

Order #66.

The “Ukraine” people started this. They’ve been killing civilians for 8 years. They’re current firing missiles randomly at residential buildings.

Russia has tried this nicey-nice thing, and the Ukie response is to continue to act like rabid animals.

But it’s fine.

Russia is winning by continuing to white knight for the civilians of a nation of utter savages. If it works it works.


I guess if you can afford to hold the moral high ground, you should hold it.

If I were Putin, I would be using mustard gas.

But hey – that’s why I’m not Putin.