Russia Cuts Gas to Finland After Cunt Leader Refuses to Pay for Gas

At least she’s willing to have an honest name on her burglar hat.

If you want gas, you have to pay for the gas.

Russia is not a charity, you stupid bitch.

Pay the money for the gas.


Russia has halted natural gas deliveries to Finland after state energy wholesaler Gasum failed to make a required payment in rubles, the Finnish gas system operator Gasgrid Finland said on Saturday. 

“Gas imports through Imatra entry point have been stopped,” the statement read.

Russia’s Gazprom Export has confirmed a complete halt in gas deliveries to Finland.

“Gazprom has completely stopped gas supplies to Gasum (Finland) due to non-payment in rubles. As of the end of the business day on May 20, Gazprom Export has not received payment for gas supplies in April from Gasum (Finland)” in accordance with the new ruble-based payment mechanism, the company said in a statement.

Gasum also confirmed on Saturday that the deliveries had stopped.

Earlier this week, Gasum announced that it would not comply with Russia’s new ruble-based gas payment scheme.

It’s a very moral stance, to take a stand with the right of the Jewish neo-Nazi Ukrainian democracy to tape people to poles.

After all: that’s who we are because of our values in the rules-based order of a democracy.

But you have to wonder if the Finnish people are really willing to starve to death so that this clubber cunt can do a dance about how moral she is.

Because maybe she’s really, really moral, and really, really loves it when neo-Nazis tape Russian-speaking women to poles so that drug-addicts can gang rape them, but with all of that morality: she’s not going to freeze. She’s not even going to get cold.

Politicians are insulated (pun intended) from all of these policies they inflict on their populations. So this slutty old bitch can strut around talking about how good she is, and then strut back to her warm royal flat and get totally naked. You have to live and sleep in layers, sleep with a ski-mask on so you don’t freeze.

Finland in the winter: