Russia Comments on Pelosi Visit to Armenia

Nancy the Spy continues her amazing journey around the world to stoke chaos and destruction. People wonder what her end game is.


The Kremlin has expressed skepticism over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Armenia and her condemnation of Azerbaijan over the latest border clashes.

Pelosi visited the Armenian capital Yerevan on Sunday and accused Azerbaijan of launching an “illegal and deadly” cross-border attack against Armenia earlier in the week. Baku claimed it retaliated after provocations from Yerevan.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that while Russia welcomed any genuine effort to defuse tensions between the two sides, the US official’s comments were not very diplomatic.

“Can actions and statements as brazen as hers actually help with normalization? We’ll see, time will tell,” Peskov told journalists, adding that Moscow’s preference is for “quiet” diplomacy in such scenarios.

Pelosi also used the visit to criticize Russia’s military cooperation with Armenia, saying Armenians “were disappointed they got fact-finders and not protection,” from the relationship, suggesting Washington may be a better guarantor of security.

Yeah, well – of course. As soon as you see “America embraces Russian ally,” you know they’re trying to peel them off.

It was interesting that they didn’t just embrace the Islamic terrorists in Azerbaijan and start sending them weapons. But they can still just do that. The fact that they didn’t do that first though shows that the entire State Department is not just totally braindead. They can at least think of some other idea than “just send the Moslems weapons! Kill the Christians!”

Even if they don’t manage to peel off Armenia (and that seems unlikely), by flying into a Russian ally country, Pelosi still sort of punks Russia. America doesn’t really care about the Armenian-Azeri conflict anyway.