Russia Accurately States That It is America’s Fault Food is So Expensive

The problem that the US government is dealing with globally is not totally different than the problem they are facing domestically: people are questioning the legitimacy of their rule.

That is why this war against Russia is so important to them – they are attempting to assert that they are the ones in charge, and they will kill anyone who challenges their power. This is the exact thing that Joe Biden asserted in his Bloody Thursday speech. It’s precisely the same message.

That is why they are willing to just starve people, and cause every form of chaos, as they fight against Russia. They view it as existential.


Western countries don’t want to lift restrictions on Russian grain supplies, and are therefore preventing global food prices from falling, a senior Foreign Ministry official in Moscow has said.

Alexander Kinshchak, head of the Ministry’s Middle East and North Africa Department, told RIA news agency in an interview published on Friday that Russia had been forced to adjust export mechanisms as a result of sanctions in recent months.

“US and EU sanctions, which include disconnecting Russian banks from SWIFT and blocking money transfers in dollars and euros, penalizing companies that insure our cargoes, prohibiting Western vessels from entering Russian ports and closing access of domestic merchant fleet to European countries have complicated logistics, including a sharp increase in freight costs,” he explained.

“We had to promptly work out alternative transport and logistics schemes and agree on new channels and forms of financial settlements using other currencies, including the ruble,” Kinshchak said, adding that transportation and insurance prices in the Black Sea have faced additional problems due to “chaotic mining” of its waters by the Ukrainian military.

When the empire goes down on the world stage, the US government is going to lose its domestic control. These things are intrinsically linked, which is why I always root for the enemies of the US government – unapologetically.

The enemies of the US government have the same enemy as the people of America: the US government.

The same people who are attempting to overthrow Russia and China hoaxed you with the coronavirus and are trying to turn all your kids into faggots – and not just faggots, but mutilated faggots. It’s the same people.

Anyone who considers themselves right-wing and then sides with the US government against Russia and China is simply stupid. It is not even coherent that you would be against child trannies but be for overthrowing Russia and China. It’s all the same people.

Honestly, anyone who talks about Russia or China as a threat is a shill and a liar, or so stupid as to be worse than a liar. Every alleged foreign threat is simply a distraction from the real threat, which is coming from our own government.

“Yeah, these people are trying to cut my toddler son’s dick off, but I support them taking over the world because Ukraine and Taiwan are democracy countries” – seriously, just kill yourself.