Romania: Ship with 14,000 Sheep Aboard Capsizes!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2019

I don’t hate sheep. I don’t particularly like them, as they’ve never given me any reason to.

But I’m an animal lover, generally.

Still, 14,000 sheep sinking in a boat – that’s funny.

I just keep thinking of a sheep boat, like a boat where all the crew are sheep.


Rescuers were struggling Sunday to save 14,600 sheep loaded on a cargo ship that capsized in the Black Sea off the coast of Romania, they said.

The Queen Hind bound for Saudi Arabia overturned for yet unknown reasons shortly after leaving Romania’s Midia port.

The crew of 20 Syrians and one Lebanese were rescued, together with 32 sheep, two of which were pulled from the water, said Ana-Maria Stoica, a spokeswoman for the rescue services.

“The rescue operation is ongoing… We hope that the sheep inside the ship’s hold are still alive,” she told AFP.

Rescuers supported by the military, police and divers were trying to right the Palau-flagged ship and pull it to the port, she said.

Romania’s main livestock breeder and exporter association, Acebop, called for an urgent investigation.

“Our association is shocked by the disaster,” Acebop president Mary Pana said in a statement. “If we cannot protect livestock during long-distance transports, we should outright ban them.”

Gabriel Paun of NGO Animals International alleged that the ship had been overloaded. He added that the Queen Hind had already had engine problems last December.

“An investigation must be opened without delay,” he told AFP.

Yes – open the investigation immediately.


Seriously – this is what happens when you let Moslems drive boats. This was probably a terrorist attack. Or they were all so busy having sexual intercourse with the sheep that they forgot to steer the boat.

Sorry, that’s a really off-color and distasteful joke. I apologize.

I’m happy some of the sheep were saved.

My grandpa used to say that all four-legged animals could swim. That was before the internet.