Right-Wingers Should Stop Trying to “Reclaim” the Word “Democracy”

The Gateway Pundit was down for several hours today.

They haven’t been publishing a lot about the Ukraine, but the stuff they have posted has been on point as far as I’ve seen.

The posted this today:

Here’s the video:

TGP concludes:

The war in the Donbas has been going on for eight years. Until now, Russia did not fully engage its full military capabilities. Whatever success Ukraine enjoyed prior to the launch of the special military operation is now a distant memory. If Dr. Karber is to be believed, the Ukrainian Army posed a more serious threat than any army that NATO could field. In other words, the last six weeks represent a proxy war between Russia and NATO and NATO is losing.

Meanwhile, I recently gave an interview, and the interviewer, Beardson Beardly, was swatted after I talked about the Ukraine.

I lost two domains last week.

Every single pro-Russian Twitter account has been banned.

This Russia hoax is being censored even harder than the coronavirus hoax.

Notice Joe Rogan hasn’t had on Douglas MacGregor or Max Blumenthal to lay down the facts.

Of course, everything is always getting worse. It was obvious when the overlords switched from the coronavirus hoax to the Russia hoax they were going to grab new powers and use it to further harm America.

Here’s Ukraine flag neocon Jew Max Boot calling for even more extreme censorship:

I am going to keep making the same “democracy is our values because our values are who we are” jokes until other people start really mocking the core concept of “democracy.”

Frankly, I’m tired of hearing Tucker Carlson defend “democracy” as if it is a good thing. America was not founded as a “democracy,” and the Founders viewed it as the obvious threat that it is. Yes, we are told that the UN’s “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” is the meaning of democracy, and they’ve violated basically every article of that document and said it is democracy.

The Jewish argument of “freedom of speech does not mean freedom of reach” is explicitly preempted in Article 19.

So in that way they are hypocritical, because that is not what they are actually promoting when they say “democracy.”

But trying to reclaim the word is pointless when it was never a good thing to begin with.

People can read the Founding Fathers talking about the threat of democracy, but before that I would recommend HL Mencken, who was writing in the years shortly after the democracy system was established in America.

Mencken’s “Notes on Democracy” was written 100 years ago, but it could have been written yesterday.

I think the old paleocon line of “America was not founded as a democracy” should be used in place of begging for “real democracy” and trying to point out hypocrisy. Everyone gets that these people are hypocrites, and it just isn’t useful to keep saying that over and over. Nothing is accomplished.

Another good line that I’ve pushed is: “no one cares about democracy, people want freedom.”

Tucker actually interviewed Curtis Yarvin. Whatever you think of him (people think a lot of things), his basic presentation is spot on, even if it gets weird if you go too deep into it.

Tucker seemed to concur with the arguments against democracy, but he is still up there saying “democracy, democracy, democracy” and playing this stupid hypocrisy gotcha game.

He doesn’t usually play gotcha. Usually he makes positive arguments. But it is impossible to make a positive argument for “democracy” because the word has no inherent meaning at this point.

Furthermore, though the 2020 election was fake, the elections before that were not. People actually do go out and vote for these morons and perverts. Trump was a unique phenomenon – but he wasn’t able to do anything because of all of the other people that had been voted into the GOP. Republicans controlled both Houses and at least in the early part of the Trump Administration, he actually wanted to do things. But democracy had resulted in John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan.

It’s the double whammy:

  • The word basically means “anal sex” in common vernacular, and everyone basically understands that at this point, even if only subconsciously.
  • Even “real democracy” is not a good system of government, and it is not what America was founded as.

People would love it if Tucker and others were out there saying “we don’t want democracy, we want freedom, we want a system that represents the will of the people.”

Over the last year, I have heard Tucker try to explain the meaning of democracy probably 100 times. This is not forwarding the conversation.

There is no such thing as a “free democracy,” because the system is designed to be very easily manipulated in a way where the victims – the public at large – can be blamed for the results.

Just “freedom” alone is a better word.

The left can’t claim to support freedom.