RFK Jr.’s Anti-Vax Group Assassinated Off Facebook and Instagram

CNN wins again, managing to successfully silence people who don’t agree with their safe and effective death shots.


Instagram and Facebook suspended Children’s Health Defense this week after the anti-vaccine group led by Robert Kennedy Jr. repeatedly violated rules prohibiting misinformation about COVID-19.

A nonprofit, Children’s Health Defense is one of the most influential anti-vaccine organizations active on social media, where it has spread misleading claims about vaccines and other public health measures designed to control the pandemic.

In a statement, Kennedy compared Facebook’s actions to government censorship, even though Facebook is a private company that can set and enforce its own rules about misinformation.

“Facebook is acting here as a surrogate for the federal government’s crusade to silence all criticism of draconian government policies,” Kennedy said.

Children’s Health Defense had hundreds of thousands of followers at the time of the suspension, according to a statement from the organization, which also noted that it has sued Facebook over its moderation policies.

Public health advocates and misinformation experts have criticized Facebook for not acting more swiftly to contain potentially harmful misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines.

Karen Kornbluh, director of the Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative at the German Marshall Fund, said too many groups like Children’s Health Defense have been allowed to flourish on social media for too long. She noted that the group remains on Twitter.

“Today’s step is too late and too little,” Kornbluh said, adding that tech companies must address the reasons misinformation spreads so readily on social media.

Several state affiliates of Children’s Health Defense remain on Facebook and Instagram despite the ban of the national organization. Kennedy was kicked off Instagram last year but continues to keep an active account on Facebook.

That last bit is of course the AP itself demanding that more people be banned for not supporting these safe and effective death shots.

People don’t understand: the media is behind the bannings. You can say that the ADL, SPLC, and Twitter bluecheck trannies are the ones provoking it, but they are only as relevant as the media makes them. If instead of citing Jews, the media cited Daily Stormer as the official judge of what is socially acceptable, society would look much different. The media is in control, period.

The media wants a total monopoly on the narrative. At first, they were destroying competition – like Daily Stormer – now they’re just destroying anyone who disagrees with them about anything.

You can say “oh well, but Jews also run the media” – this is obviously true, but when you look at the actual mechanics, it is the media doing the censorship.

Journalists were all jealous of Andrew Anglin, because he is a better writer and more popular. CNN is jealous Alex Jones was getting twice the views on YouTube they were getting on cable TV. Now everyone in the media is vaxed, so they are silencing vaxers.

Do you remember when the media said that Donald Trump was against the First Amendment because he said they were lying? 

The group’s still on Twitter for now