Remember That Time That Peter Parker was Preyed on by a Homosexual?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2019

Many people were shocked to find that in the old times, the government was producing public service announcements telling teenage boys to be careful if older men wanted to hang out with them and do groovy boy stuff – for those older men could be homosexuals looking to sexually exploit them.

One such film, “Boys Beware,” was produced by Sid Davis, a man who tried to help guide teenagers. It was funded in part by the city of Los Angeles, and was shown in schools around the country.

That was in 1961.

However, it may surprise you to find that as late as 1984 – the very year that I was born – public service announcements for young boys warning of the dangers of homosexuals were being produced and distributed.

A 1984 Spider-Man comic book entitled “Spider-Man and Power Pack” actually revealed that Peter Parker himself was jacked off by a homosexual who he thought was just a cool friend.

Here is the scene from the book.

Luckily, Peter didn’t become a homosexual. Probably because Mary Jane was just that hot, being a redhead and with that little chin dimple thing that I always thought was so cute on girls but that I’ve never heard anyone talk about.

Young hot Rose McGowan had that. I always thought she should have been the 90s MJ instead of that annoying stupid bitch, whatever her name was.

Anyway, as seemingly weird as it may be that an older man jacking off Peter Parker is a part of official canon (and there is no reason to believe it isn’t, as Skip the child molester is listed as a villain on the Fandom Wiki, and Marvel has never said the Power Pack books aren’t canon), it is very obvious that this sort of PSA should be produced for boys.

It is pretty standard and pretty obvious that you would tell boys about this sort of thing – and yet, it is now completely politically incorrect to do so.

Girls are warned constantly, from the time they can understand language, that every man is trying to rape them. Even though that is pretty much a complete and total lie – very few men are trying to “rape” them, most are simply trying to inseminate them with their seed in order to reproduce the human species, which is a perfectly natural act.

Anyway, it is fair enough that girls are warned that boys who are nice to them probably have an agenda that involves sticking a certain organ into a certain orifice.

However, we are now not allowed to tell young boys that there are certain types of older boys and men who may have a completely diabolical agenda – much worse than heterosexual “rape.”

The only conceivable reason for this is that the people who run our society want young boys to be abused by homosexuals, so that those boys will go on to become homosexuals themselves. Homosexuals reproduce through abusing prepubescent and pubescent boys.

And without having to go into anything religious, this serves a number of very practical agendas:

  1. Homosexualism is anti-natal
  2. Homosexuals are selfish and do not care about justice, truth or other metaphysical ideals
  3. Homosexuals are very good producer-consumers, working a lot and buying a lot

This is important to understand: we live in a society which de facto encourages the homosexual abuse of young boys because it is known that this abuse spreads the psychological disorder of homosexuality and our society wants more homosexuals.

That should creep anyone out. Even the most die-hard liberal.