Remember That Time Jean-Claude Juncker Said He was in Communication with Aliens?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2018

I mentioned the June 28, 2016 event wherein, during a session of the European Parliament, European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker claimed that he was in communication with aliens yesterday, and that the versions of the video with English subtitles have been stripped from YouTube.

A French-speaking reader posted the transcript and direct translation, and linked to the official EU transcript, which is completely different.

Here’s what he said:

Il faut savoir que ceux qui nous observent de loin, sont inquiets. J’ai vue et entendue et écouté plusieurs des dirigeants d’autres planètes. Ils sont très inquiets parce qu’ils s’interrogent sur la voie que l’union européenne vas poursuivre. Donc il faut rassurer et les européens et ceux qui nous observent de plus loin.

This is the direct translation:

You should know that those who observe us from afar, are worried. I have seen and heard and listened to several leaders of other planets. They are very worried because they’re wondering which way the European Union is going. So we have to reassure both the Europeans and those who observe us from further away.

But in the English version of the session’s transcript on the official EU website, they published something completely different:

The British vote has clipped some of our many wings. But our flight goes on. We will not halt our journey into the future. New horizons await. And we are flying towards horizons that are those of Europe and of the entire planet. Make no mistake, those who are watching us from afar are concerned. I have met and listened to several leaders. They are very worried because they are wondering about the course the European Union will take. So we must reassure Europeans and those who are watching us from further away.

I was actually not aware that they had done this, and it’s extremely telling.

Juncker is known to be an alcoholic, and it would have been easy enough for people to have simply said “oh, he just says silly things sometimes.” He is regularly mocked by the media for being a drunk.

But the fact that someone ordered whoever does the transcripts to change what he said, combined with the fact that the media didn’t even mention it, indicates that there is something extremely strange going on here.

We of course wrote about it at the time.

But it feels like it is worth bringing it up again, given that it is such a bizarre event, the core of the bizarreness being that no one has talked about it really at all. Google around for it. No single major media outlet covered it – only tabloids, and none of the “respectable” tabloids. Just the ones that do the Planet X type stuff – and them publishing it almost makes it seem less important.

Why exactly did he say this?

Was it meant to be a message to people who believe that the EU is in contact with aliens? Was it actually a drunken accident, but one which they felt they needed to cover-up because it’s true or they believe it is true?

I in fact have no idea.

But it absolutely would not surprise me in the least if global leaders believe they are in contact with aliens. If they actually are in contact with aliens, that would surprise me, but perhaps not very much.

I wrote earlier today, in relation to a homosexual Democrat Party figure being caught with a second dead gay black man in his home, that world leaders are probably being controlled by a network of homosexuality, pedophilia and satanism. It would make sense if the same people involved in running that operation were faking aliens in order to motivate world leaders.

It is not hard to imagine.

We already know that this exact method of manipulation is used on powerful figures in Hollywood through the cult of Scientology.

This is an established method of cult-type mind control.

I would not be surprised if Scientology has not publicly known levels where they have actors playing aliens and you get to actually meet them. They have a process where you use a device to communicate telepathically with aliens.

Furthermore, there is a lot of resemblance between Scientology and Jewish Kabbalistic demonology and the various types of satanism that stem from it. All of this stuff about communicating telepathically with otherworldly beings is the same, it’s simply that they’ve replaced the demon world with space aliens.

When you look at all the Pizzagate stuff (I gave an overview of it in the above-linked article on the Democrat homosexual), it isn’t improbable that this could overlap with a Scientology-type cult existing in the highest levels of the “globalist” community.

What If It’s All Real Though?

Without going full David Icke, the basic concept of demons as disembodied consciousness which can attach themselves to people does not necessarily sound like a scientific impossibility to me personally. I think a lot of stuff associated with religions has been disposed of in bulk as “supernatural phenomenon” totally incapable of being scientific due to concepts such as virgin birth or walking on water which obviously are incapable of being scientific – hence the term “miracle.”

Although I do not wish to offend the religious reader, I am personally not really a man of very strong religious faith, and I do not believe in miracles. I also do not believe in the “supernatural,” and believe that anything which exists should ultimately be able to be explained through natural science (I mean this in the absolute sense – that everything that happens in reality could be explained through natural science, not that it will be).

The concept of ethereal beings however would not be miraculous in nature, necessarily. It doesn’t defy any existing law of science.

Consider that we were not aware of the existence of germs until the 19th century.

And consider what germ theory is.


The germ theory of disease is the currently accepted scientific theory of disease. It states that many diseases are caused by microorganisms. These small organisms, too small to see without magnification, invade humans, animals, and other living hosts. Their growth and reproduction within their hosts can cause disease. “Germ” may refer to not just a bacterium but to any type of microorganism, especially one which causes disease, such as protists, fungi, viruses, prions, or viroids.

Then consider that it was pretty-well universally believed primitive that disease was caused by invisible evil spirits that invade the body.

The development of our understanding was as follows:

  • People believed that invisible beings were causing diseases
  • Rationalists argued that disease was caused by breathing bad air (Miasma Theory)
  • A device was invented that allowed people to see previously invisible beings that cause diseases

It was not until the 1880s that germ theory was finally fully accepted.

So the idea of the existence of presently invisible beings which could eventually be measured with an as of yet nonexistent scientific instrument shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand, in my view.

It is helpful to think of it outside of classical religious terms. (Though this can sometimes be taken too far and become ridiculous – if an older belief can be reviewed in a scientific manner, there is no reason to separate it completely from the original belief. I have often noted that people denied the existence of dragons, then dug up dinosaur bones, but didn’t decide to say “oh, it turns out dragons were real,” even though that would be the obvious thing to do.)

The nature of consciousness is still not scientifically understood, and we are vaguely expected to believe that consciousness is a weird, meaningless evolutionary by-product of living matter, even while there is no real working scientific theory of how or why consciousness emerged.

Scientific American published an article last year saying that neurologists are getting close to understanding consciousness, and it reads like a complete cope-post.

Yes, we understand that consciousness exists in the brain. We’ve known that since the first time a person got a head injury. Explaining how different types of thoughts and emotions activate various regions of the brain does not really develop an understanding of the nature of consciousness beyond what a stone age man who got hit in the head with a rock understood about the nature of consciousness. (To be fair, there are two present theories of consciousness, which are outlined in as layman of terms as you’re going to find in the linked article, but both are crude, stand-in theories, in the way that Miasma Theory was a crude stand-in theory before the discovery of germs).

Now, if we put all of this together, we can envision a type of situation where consciousness could exist outside of the brain and simply act on the brain, in the way that germs can exist outside of the body and also act on the body when inside of it.

You could also perhaps think about a radio picking up radio waves. You could take a radio apart and study it in detail without ever getting any indication of what a radio wave is. If you were working with the assumption that the radio itself was producing the sounds being transmitted, you could under no circumstances ever understand that object. You must necessarily understand what radio waves are in order to understand what the inter-workings of a radio do.

My belief is that studying the brain to attempt to understand the nature of consciousness is the same as attempting to figure out how a radio is transmitting sounds by simply studying the inner-workings of a radio without any knowledge of the existence of radio waves.

And if I was going to posit a scientific explanation of the existence of demons – and angels for that matter (although the word “demon” initially did not have the connotation of malevolence, and would have been used by the Greeks to describe both “good” and “evil” spirits) – I would posit that like a radio, our brains can pick-up and transmit different consciousnesses.

Is There a Need for Demons?

We skipped the first question, which would be: is there any phenomenon for which we need the explanation of demonic (or angelic) entities?

I personally believe that there is, although there could certainly be other explanations.

For instance, serial killers and pedophiles, as well as homosexuals, do indeed appear to be influenced by a type of “evil.” However, one could certainly attribute these phenomena to mental illness, caused by trauma or genetics, brain mutation or whichever other thing. However, if people are taking on these behaviors, which seem unfathomable, then the change in them has to have an origin.

For example, I do not think anyone who is not already a pedophile is able to grasp becoming attracted to prepubescent children. Just so, someone who is not a cannibal serial killer cannot imagine having a drive to become one. So then, where does that come from, if it manifests in a person who is already grown?

If we have a situation where the ruling class is involved in pedophilia and satanism, which certainly appears to be the case, and that people are being brought into this cult as formerly normal (even if amoral) people, then there must be a cause of the drive to do so. And the fact that they are actually doing these satanic rituals and believing themselves they are in contact with demons – as the Jews have done since we’ve first had record of them – then it seems possible that there may be some truth to all of it.

The fact that people have historically – and universally across cultures – been fixated on the existence of a “spirit world” (a realm of disembodied consciousnesses that interact with corporeal consciousness beings in various ways) indicates that people had a lot of different reasons to believe this existed, which go beyond the need to explain unexplainable phenomenon (as we see with Miasma Theory, humans are fine explaining the unexplainable with vague nonsense).

Read the Wikipedia page on demonology, follow some of the links, and just consider the amount of human energy, from intelligent people, that was put into discussions of these beings. Look at the Kabbalah, or some of the derivative works circulated in Europe in the 17th century such as the Lesser Key of Solomon, and ask why people would put that amount of effort into something that they didn’t have reason to believe was real.

Personally, I believe that my best ideas are being transmitted to me remotely, as they come on in a fit, often being completely disconnected from anything else I’d had on my mind. I do not feel I have an amazing mind, or a mind capable of generating my better works, and when I read them I feel as though someone else wrote them. Although I obviously read a lot, and take in information into my brain, when I am not writing I am not thinking about things which are especially deep or interesting. I probably think about the same things any stupid fellow from the street thinks about – my daily needs, chores and routine, women, health and fitness, video games and novels, various memories, life problems and future plans. This is to say, I do not consider myself to be a deep thinker, unless I am sitting down to write. So it is difficult to believe that the better of my materials are originating in my brain, and makes better sense that they are being received by me from somewhere else.

Because there is no real theory of consciousness, there isn’t even a context within which to have a discussion of the spontaneous generation of meaningful thought. Within our present paradigm of the nature of reality, you would have to have that discussion in terms of neurology and psychology.


To be clear, I am not attempting to argue any of this as fact. I’m simply putting it out there as things that I think should be discussed openly, instead of shut down by the same system that makes all of these other nonsensical claims about the nature of things. We are told that the “gender pay gap” is a fact. We are told all sorts of gibberish and nonsense. So my contention is always that the reigning orthodoxy should be considered wrong unless it can be proven to be correct.

Overall, I would say that the existence of an invisible world of consciousness is more likely than the claim by Jean-Claude Juncker that he is in contact with beings from other planets.