Reddit Bans the Word “Groomer” to Refer to Homosexual Groomers

Reddit has apparently banned the term “groomer” as offensive to the homosexual community.

This is a real post from /r/AgainstHateSubreddits/, a subreddit devoted to hall monitoring the entirety of reddit and getting anyone banned for questioning government/media policy, particularly as it relates to child molestation.

My whole brain now operates on turning everything into a parody of a song from my childhood.

Remember “Rape Me” by Nirvana?

“Rape me, rape me, my friend” has become in my brain “Groom me, groom me, reddit.”

Reddit is a haven for homosexuals predators to share strategies for grooming children into become sexually available. They do it in real life to personal victims, and share their strategies on how to do that, and they do it collectively online, because they just want to increase the total number of homosexual and tranny children that they can molest.

It’s ridiculous. It would be funny in any other context.

The thing about this “grooming” term is that all adult interaction with children is some kind of “grooming,” as children are genetically programmed to learn from adults.

Just as an example that’s really obvious: a domestic cat teaches its kittens not to be afraid of humans. A kitten watches the way its mother interacts with humans, and understands humans to be safe. A feral mother cat runs from humans, and her kittens follow her, and therefore grow up believing humans are unsafe.

All mammals have this process of younglings learning from grown role models.

I’m kind of a “cool older guy” now, both on the internet and in real life. It’s more obvious in real life, the way teenagers look up to me. When I tell them to stay away from drugs, to not spend too much time on video games, to not waste time on “girlfriends” and only get serious about women when they have an established career – this is “grooming.”

Just even doing this once is a form of “grooming,” but the term implies repeated behavior. If I see the same teenager again, I’ll say “hey, did you quit hanging out with that friend you said was smoking pot? Did you start cutting your gaming hours and going outside more? Did you dump that girl you were texting?”

Young people are always going to be influenced by adults. I’m now middle-aged, and I’m looking at older people to see how you’re supposed to deal with this. It is basic nature.

What the homosexual community is doing – being largely aided by women who hate boys – is using their ability to influence young people to become homosexuals and trannies. If I had time, I would volunteer at a rec center and teach teenagers strength training and give them these lectures. I don’t have time to do that, and I think I have a much bigger effect online.

But homosexuals and these women are taking positions in schools so they can influence kids, shape them into homosexuals. With the media and internet obsessively pushing this on them, they are being systematically groomed by all of society to become sexual perverts.

This is clearly organized throughout society, and you can even read materials from teachers’ unions and the World Health Organization effectively admitting that this is a systematic indoctrination program.

Reddit is a main point where they organize, and frankly, these people should be done up on some kind of RICO charges for organizing a mass child exploitation conspiracy.