REAL NEWS: Long Covid Responsible for One-Third of All Unfilled Jobs in US

“Wait, it’s all long Covid?”

Always was.


America’s ongoing labor shortage begs an important question: Where have all the workers gone?

There are 10.7 million unfilled jobs in the U.S., according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some economists point to the high numbers of workers quitting amid the Great Resignation. New research highlights another troubling factor that may bear part of the blame: long Covid.

A Brookings Institution report published Wednesday says an estimated 16 million Americans between ages 18 to 65 are experiencing Covid symptoms long after infection. The condition, dubbed long Covid, can include brain fog, fatigue, breathing problems, muscle pain, headache, chest pain and even anxiety or depression — all symptoms that can make it challenging for people to work.

The report estimates that 2 million to 4 million of those people are currently out of work due to long Covid. That’s almost as high as the number of Americans who quit their jobs each month amid the Great Resignation: About 4.2 million quit their jobs in June and nearly 4.3 million quit in May and April, respectively, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In other words, the jobs lost to long Covid could make up about a third of the country’s current labor shortage. And the Brookings report says it’s costing the U.S. economy in a significant way.

Billions of lost earnings due to long Covid

Based on the average U.S. wage of $1,106 per week, the report estimates that 3 million people out of work due to condition translates to $168 billion a year in lost earnings. If 4 million long Covid patients are out of work, the lost earnings could be as high as $230 billion, the report says.

That’s nearly 1% of the country’s current-dollar gross domestic product (GDP) of $24.88 trillion.

Those high numbers might not even account for the “full economic burden” of long Covid, the report says. That’s because they don’t account for lower productivity among the many long Covid patients who are working while sick, or the health care costs and lost productivity of their caretakers.

As long as Covid circulates in the U.S., the number of people with long Covid symptoms will continue to grow: About one in four Covid patients experience long-term symptoms weeks or months after getting infected, according to multiple studies published last year.

The Brookings report notes that if the country’s long Covid population grows by just 10% each year, the annual cost of lost wages will amount to half a trillion dollars in 10 years: “If long Covid patients don’t begin recovering at greater rates, the economic burden will continue to rise.”

This is completely and totally fake, just so you understand. It is like the fakest thing ever. Faker than George Floyd killed for his skin color, faker than Ukraine Democracy.

Maybe there are people developing chronic fatigue disorders from being vaxed. I could believe that. But mostly, this is just a made up thing – it’s psychosomatic, and it gives lazy people an excuse to be lazy. It all benefits the government/media hoax machine by confusing people.