“Raped the Witness”

I’ve never heard of someone murdering his family and then raping the witness.

This is a new crime from our good friends the blacks.

New York Post:

A man has been charged in a bloodthirsty rampage at a Florida trailer park, accused of fatally bludgeoning his wife and stepson and raping a witness.

Justin Jones, 41, was jailed Wednesday in Lake County, Fla., on charges of first-degree murder, sexual battery and false imprisonment.

According to an affidavit in the chilling case, Lake County sheriff’s deputies showed up at Thousand Trails RV park in Clermont around 2 p.m. after a woman caller said she’d witnessed a homicide and had been tied up and raped.

Officers entering the blood-spattered home discovered two bodies, later identified as Jones’ wife, Sandra Gaudino, 38, and his stepson, 17-year-old Ty Finister.

Jones was nabbed a short time later in the parking lot of a nearby Publix supermarket after a brief chase.

WESH reported detectives alleged Jones fatally hammered his wife Tuesday night, wrapped her body in a trash bag and stashed it under a mattress. Hours later, when his stepson returned home, Jones allegedly killed him with the mallet, then wrapped his head in a bag.

The woman witness — who told authorities she saw the fatal beating of Finister — alleged that Jones tied her hands with duct tape and zip ties, tore off her clothes and sexually assaulted her for hours, and she finally escaped after asking to use the bathroom.

It’s typical, I guess. Just a weird order of events.

I guess when these people get their blood pumping, they can just do whatever.