R. Kelly Gets Raped by a Federal Court Over Feminist Hoax

Hoes always hate the playa but never question the game

So, these girls chose to go live with R. Kelly. There were no locks on their bedrooms. They all dated him for years on end, without ever complaining to the cops.

But somehow they were “vulnerable.” Because they were women. Women are just as strong as men, and even stronger in fact, and can do everything men can do, and in fact they do it better – but they are also weak, pathetic, and “vulnerable,” and incapable of getting up and leaving if they are being “manipulated and abused.”

So you have to go to prison for 30 years.


R&B singer R. Kelly has received a 30-year sentence on nine counts of sex trafficking and racketeering, with Judge Ann Donnelly handing down the punishment on Wednesday following statements from the star’s accusers.

The ‘Trapped in the Closet’ singer, whose full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, was convicted on all counts during a six-week trial that concluded in September. Prosecutors made the case that his entourage of managers and assistants helped the singer meet and control young girls, arguing the setup constituted a criminal enterprise under federal laws. Central to this argument was the claim that he violated the Mann Act, which makes it a federal crime to transport anyone across state lines “for any immoral purpose.”

“Although sex was certainly a weapon that you used, this is not a case about sex,” Donnelly told Kelly as she read off his sentence. “It’s a case about violence, cruelty and control.”

Kelly’s lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, said they plan to appeal. Her team had argued for a sentence of 10 years or less, claiming the singer had “experienced a traumatic childhood involving severe, prolonged childhood sexual abuse, poverty, and violence.” As an adult, his “literary deficiencies” left him open to being “repeatedly defrauded and financially abused, often by the people he paid to protect him,” according to his lawyers.

This nigga literally couldn’t read.

But it gets stupider: he hired a female lawyer.

100% chance that bitch was siding with the skanks against him.

The hoes’ lawyer was… do I even have to say it?

Gloria Allred.

Because of course.

Several of the singer’s victims also gave statements before the sentence was read. “You made me do things that broke my spirit,” one woman declared, adding “I literally wished I would die because of how low you made me feel. Do you remember that?”

US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Breon Peace praised the sentencing as a “significant outcome” for the singer’s victims, declaring he had “preyed upon children and young women … for decades,” forcing “victims, including minors” to appear in “porno films” which he “produced and directed.”

This is another “heterosexual sex is illegal now” type case. Everything is just based on the word of women being the same thing as physical evidence of a crime. This was all based on a documentary series that was made accusing Kelly of all this stuff – most of which happened nearly 30 years ago.

The accusations are all jumbled and weird, and there is no evidence of any of it. Why didn’t they tell the cops if he was doing all of these mean things to them? Why did they wait to make a documentary first, decades after?

These bitches were literally saying “that nigga played me.”

Here’s a piece from the LA Times:

“This happened to me a long time ago. I was 17; I’m 45 today,” survivor Lizzette Martinez said outside the federal courthouse in Brooklyn. “I never thought I would be here to see him be held accountable for the atrocious thing he did to children.”

Martinez met Kelly at a mall in 1995 and was involved with him for four years, hoping for a singing mentorship but instead, she said, lost her virginity to him when she was underage. Physical, emotional and sexual abuse followed into 1999, according to her book, “Jane Doe #9.”

When she was underage to vote or to have sex? The age of consent in most states is 17. But even if it was 18, we’re taking her word about something that happened in 1995, and a man is going to prison over it.

So: she dated him for 4 years over twenty years ago. She didn’t go to the cops until after she wrote a book and made a documentary film – and only then went to the cops when someone else was suing him under the Mann Act so she could give testimony about how her 4 year relationship with him wasn’t very good.

Literally “these bitches you dated say you were a dick to them – that’ll be 30 years in the clink.”

The Mann Act is primarily about prostitution, which Kelly isn’t even accused of.

He’s accused of doing these hoes dirty.

This basically means game is illegal now.

Maybe these hoes should have sued the game instead of the playa.

Outlawing Heterosexual Sex

For those who don’t know, Gloria Allred is the Jew lawyer who got Harvey Weinstein put in prison for decades for having sex with his girlfriend. She and her daughter, Lisa Bloom, are celebrity Jew lawyers who have been on a quest to make heterosexual sex illegal.

Gloria Allred (right) and daughter Lisa Bloom are not just incidentally Jewish, but bigly involved in the ADL and other Jewish activist groups

Is it “morally wrong” to play bitches? Yeah, from a Christian perspective, men should only have sex in the confines of marriage. Point blank. However, these same people who are putting men in prison under the Mann Act for using hoes for “immoral purposes” (gaming those hoes) are teaching little children to be homosexuals. We’re not operating under Christian morality. And even if we were operating under Christian morality, you can’t really outlaw sex outside of marriage.

Some Christians might disagree about outlawing sex outside of marriage. I do believe in outlawing adultery. But those are not our present laws. Our present laws are all based around “consent theory.” These women are saying “I dated this guy for years, but I didn’t consent, because he controlled me with unspecific magic abilities.” When you start getting into mind control stuff, you need some kind of evidence for the claims, or some kind of scientific basis. Did he use psychic beam weapons? And again – even if you claim he was using a psychic beam, where is the evidence? We just believe your word, decades later?

Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom have an agenda to stigmatize heterosexual sex. Again, I’m not going to defend fornication, but the fact of reality is, a lot of modern marriages begin with fornication. Very few people wait until marriage to have sex, but people do get married after sex pretty regularly.

This is the second case now on the books where Gloria Allred has had someone convicted and sentenced to prison based on very convoluted statutes, without any evidence beyond a woman’s word. These cases will be applied to normal people.

A lot of neo-Nazis attacked me over my mockery of the travesty that was the Harvey Weinstein conviction. Then, a few weeks after the Weinstein verdict, a neo-Nazi got hit with some kind of “believe all women” charge that he raped and manipulated a girl he dated for years. The woman had tried to bring charges before the Weinstein verdict and failed, then tried again after the Weinstein verdict and the prosector took the case.

We don’t know how many non-celebrities this is happening to, because it’s not in the news. What we do know is that just a few years ago, some bitch saying “my boyfriend raped me for years decades ago and I never told the police or tried to leave him because he manipulated me” would have been laughed at.

In most countries on the earth now, if a girl goes to the police and says “I went to his bedroom and then he raped me” the police are going to say “did he kidnap you?” and if she says “no, I voluntarily went to his bedroom, I thought we were just going to talk,” they are going to laugh and tell her to leave.

The point is: it’s not a coincidence that all of these new laws against heterosexual behavior are coming out at the same time as all of these programs to turn children into homosexuals and trannies. There is a war on against normal sexuality.

They get these edge cases, where the victim is not sympathetic: Harvey Weinstein is possibly the ugliest person on earth, and R. Kelly was running game on dozens of hoes. But this is establishing entirely new norms, where women’s word is treated as fact by a court.

That said: Johnny Depp’s victory was very important. R. Kelly was convicted before Depp’s victory, and this is just his sentencing. It’s possible that if the timing had been different, the jury would have been a bit more critical of the claims of these hoes.

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But the problem goes beyond the claims of the hoes. Everyone knows hoes lie. The problem is that our justice system has decided that the word of a hoe is proof of a crime. No physical evidence was entered into the court in the case against R. Kelly or Harvey Weinstein – it was all just the word of women.

Is that the kind of society you want to live in? Where you can be put in prison simply because a woman said you did something?