Putin Tells Military Not to Storm Azovstal Underground City, Says to Seal It and Starve Them Out

Does Putin even read this website?

I agree that there is no reason to waste a single Russian life rooting out Azov from Azovstal.

But I’ve given the solution to the Azovstal problem: flood the tunnels and drown them like rats.

There is a river that can easily be diverted into these tunnels.

Granted, it’s going to wash out into the sea with all kinds of industrial chemicals in it, but I mean, the Black Sea is already pretty gross. Probably whatever Azovstal would flood it with is not as bad as what Turkey dumps into it every week.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has called off an assault on the Azovstal steel plant in the Black Sea port of Mariupol during a meeting with Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu on Thursday. The facility still harbors some 2,000 Ukrainian militants, including the neo-Nazi ‘Azov’ regiment, according to Shoigu.

“We always need to think about preserving the lives and health of our soldiers and officers,” Putin told the defense chief, adding that, in this particular case, they should not be sent to assault the steel plant.

“One should not get into those catacombs and crawl there underground, in these industrial facilities,” the president said. Built back in Soviet times, the Azovstal steel plant has a vast network of well-fortified underground tunnels built to withstand heavy bombardments. An aide to the government of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Yan Gagin, had once described these tunnels as an underground city.

Retreating Ukrainian forces, including the notorious Neo-Nazi Azov regiment, have entrenched themselves in these tunnels and have since used them as their last line of defense. On Thursday, Shoigu told Putin that Russian forces and the Donbass republics’ militias have fully seized the city of Mariupol, except for the Azovstal plant complex.

Shoigu has also said that a military operation at the plant could be finished in three to four days, apparently planning to storm the facility. Putin has instead ordered his troops to “seal the area so that a fly cannot get through.”

The president has also offered those entrenched at the plant another chance to surrender. “Offer anyone, who has not laid down their arms yet, to do that,” he has told Shoigu, adding that Russia “guarantees them their lives as well as decent treatment under all international norms.” Those injured will also get “qualified medical treatment,” the president added.

Yeah, okay. Sealing it is a plan.

They will eventually starve.

We’ve seen whining reports from these faggots nearly two weeks ago saying they were out of food.

I definitely agree that storming the tunnels is stupid.

I kind of wanted to see the tunnels, as I’m sure there are huge satanic ritual altars and so on. This has been their base for 8 years. They are no doubt doing ritual torture and cannibalism in these dark caverns.

But apparently this is going to end like a Lovecraft story, where we never really get to see the true face of the darkness below.

Earlier this week, Azov was still feeling in charge, making demands that they be allowed to leave the tunnels and flee to an unnamed third country – while keeping their weapons!

They were tacitly threatening to murder their alleged hostages, which are apparently citizens of Mariupol that they dragged down into the tunnels with them. Or maybe they’ve kept them there for years. Or maybe they don’t exist at all. Who knows.

What we do know is that no one is going to willingly go down into an underground city with besieged satanic neo-Nazis who are known to torture and murder civilians under any circumstances. Especially not while Russia has liberated the entire city and is helping civilians.

These people keep tweeting about how the evil Russians are killing civilians in Azovstal, but no one has said why they are there.

The Russian MoD doesn’t really comment on this stuff.

Ukie scum are spamming this video of a little girl who is allegedly in Azovstal.

Here’s another one, allegedly showing women and children in the underground.

But why? Why would she be in the tunnels of Azovstal, instead of safe outside of the city, or in one of the parts of the city that is not destroyed, like all of the other civilians that lived through the Azov assault on their city?

Meanwhile, everyone who has escaped the tunnels has said they were ordered down there by Azov to be used as human shields.

There is no other explanation. So it is really just astonishing that these Ukies and their evil supporters have the nerve to talk about “Russian atrocities,” saying “how dare you endanger our human shields that we dragged down into these tunnels to starve???”

Are normal people not able to figure this out?

“They have to use women and children as human shields because they have a right to join NATO because democracy says they should have nukes on the Russian border and gay sex in the kindergarten” does not sound like a sound defense of “the good guys.”

Look at this Stratcom tweet, apparently saying NATO needs to invade to save the children.

Why don’t you tell Azov to let them out of the tunnels??? They can go to a refugee center or Lviv or Poland or wherever they want! Russians are assisting civilian evacuation! Why would the solution be for NATO to attack Russian forces???

Again – I don’t even know if these videos are real. They could be fake or old. I guarantee you Azov will eat those people before starving if they are there – they would probably eat them anyway to try to gain satanic powers. I’ve read the O9A literature. I know about ritual cannibalism.

If there are any women and children still alive, it would be better they drown like rats than be ritually sacrificed and eaten by Azov.

The word “Russian” confuses the West, as they assume a people named as such would be in a rush. They are not in a rush. They are taking their time.

They control all of Mariupol, and no matter how much food is stored in Azovstal, it will eventually run out.

They have full control of the land above the tunnels.

This defeat should be as humiliating as possible, as videos of it will demoralize the rest of the Ukrainian army.

The Jew boxer just released a video about his brave neo-Nazis and their human shield hostages.