Putin Says the West is Trying to Break Up Russia Like the USSR

Putin regularly says obvious things that I’ve been saying for years. I forget that everyone doesn’t know these things until he says them.


Russia is under an attack by the West, which wants the country to be broken up into warring pieces, President Vladimir Putin has claimed.

“The Western goal is to weaken, disunite and ultimately destroy our nation. They are saying directly that they managed to break up the Soviet Union in 1991, and now it is time for Russia itself to be split into many regions that would be at each other’s throats,” the Russian leader stated in a televised address on Wednesday.

They are saying that. If you read these think tanks, the places from whence creatures like Mike Pompeo and Antony Blinken emerge, they just say openly that Russia has ethnic divides and their goal is to push those lines and cause a fracture.

Russia is an empire, so they have these Moslems and Asians and even white people speaking different languages. The country would be significantly less formidable if it broke apart further – especially given that these new states would fall victim to extreme Western influence.

Putin’s accusations came as he updated the nation on Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine and explained his decision to mobilize army reserves. He insisted that the hostile Ukrainian government in Kiev was a product of Western-induced Russophobia.

For decades [the West] has intentionally fostered hatred towards Russia, first and foremost in Ukraine, which they envisioned as a foothold against Russia. The West turned the Ukrainian people into cannon fodder and pushed them to a war against our country,” Putin said. He stated that the ongoing conflict started in 2014, when an armed coup in Kiev toppled Ukraine’s elected government.

The US and its allies have stated their goal as being Russia’s defeat on the battlefield, which, according to Putin, would lead to a “total negation of [Russia’s] political, economic, cultural and any other kind of sovereignty, a total pillaging of our nation.”

He warned that Russia will use any means at its disposal to defend itself and ensure its territorial integrity, up to and including the deployment of its nuclear arsenal, if attacked with weapons of mass destruction.

He’s exactly right about all of this.

The West was trying to break up the USSR into even more pieces when Putin took over. Boris Yeltsin was in charge – a fat drunk – and he was selling the country off as fast as he could move.

In fact, the Jews were buying up Russia at blowout prices. The USSR had collapsed, and no one really understood the value of money, given that they’d all lived for so long in a fake economy. Jews from New York were sending money in to Russian Jews, and they were manipulating everything to their dastardly whims.

Much of the old empire was torn away.

It was truly only Vladimir Putin that held it together.

It is the biggest regret of the Jew globalists that Russia did not fall into total disarray and collapse completely. The Jews have been seeking for three decades to rectify that mistake.

The Jews seek a single global empire, and both Russia and China are blocking the path toward that future. Everything they are doing now in the West – from the virus hoax and the vax, to the black riots, to the police state enforced poverty and tranny madness – makes sense if there is no outside adversary. They are forcing a new system of government and a new idea of mankind in the universe – man as slave to an all-powerful mega-state which controls every aspect of their lives.

The American people, and Westerners in general, are going along with this without much complaint. The people of the West are happy to be abused and subjugated. If there is no one outside putting pressure on the system, they can just do whatever they like with impunity.

There is someone on the outside putting pressure on them, however, so these acts do not make clear sense. They appear to believe they can just steamroll Russia and China, though this is not the way it is actually playing out in real life.