Pulse on Memes: Radical New Meme Style Quickly Gaining Traction with the Kids

Daily Stormer
September 17, 2019

A popular new style of meme is quickly gaining traction with the kids, and it’s a wacky new style that all the kids are raving about. It’s a trend that’s sweeping the nation, Todd.

That’s right Diane, the kids just can’t get enough of this hot new style of meme that is sweeping the nation.

That’s right, Todd, and these new memes have the older generations getting wigged out with the hip new grooves from this radical new wave that’s sweeping the nation.

Up next on Meme Pulse: We ask experts when you can post a frog on your meme website without receiving a legal threat from the Jewish-Israeli Anti-Defamation League.

The answer, Diane, might surprise you.