Prairie-Monkey Fronthole Science Womyn Says Genetically Modifying Corn is Rape

Daily Stormer
September 24, 2019

Next time you hear someone say that the vast majority of scientists agree on this or that, keep in mind – not everybody with a degree is a scientist, or even entirely sane.


Botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer believes corn is more than something you eat. It’s also sacred. Corn is life itself. But looking out at her neighbor’s monocropped field of corn makes her sad.

As a plant ecologist and director of the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment at SUNY-Syracuse, Kimmerer works with students and tribal elders to research and restore plants of cultural significance to native people. And nothing matters more than corn.

“Corn is one of our deepest and oldest relatives,” she said. “We’re literally made of it; when scientists analyze the tissues of American bodies, they call us ‘walking Fritos.‘”

If any actual scientist ever said that people are “made of corn” it was probably as a metaphor of some sort.

Nothing in your body is made of corn, we can’t even digest it.

You eat it and it comes out the same way it came in.

She did a a TEDtalk, therefore she must be smart

And what exactly is this gibberish about “tribal wisdom?”

The most advanced societies these creatures ever created were Iron Age societies whose main focus was human sacrifice on an industrial scale.

And she’s from the north American ones, that were even more primitive than the rest.

There is nothing these creatures can teach us.

The sweet corn we love to eat today bears little resemblance to the plant that was domesticated over thousands of years by skilled, indigenous farmers. The heirloom Native corn (MR3) Kimmerer studies comes in hundreds of varieties, “from tiny red strawberry popcorns to great big purple and white flower corns; the dent corns, the flint corns, every color and pattern — it’s extraordinary.”

Contrast that with the genetically modified corn her neighbor grows, whose genetic integrity — not to mention nutritional value — has been altered by agribusiness.

Kimmerer is blunt.

“There’s a word for forcible injection of unwanted genes,” she said. Provocatively, she calls this “rape.”

Some things that you do not need any scientific training to notice + some anthropomorphic gibberish about raping corn.

And that’s not even to mention that genetically modifying corn is not fundamentally that different from the selective breeding done on plants for thousands of years, so her kind raped corn for a lot longer than Monsanto did.

And I’m expected to treat this bitch as if her degree is some evidence that her opinions should be taken seriously.

Her work is not only about preserving genetic diversity. Seeds encode cultural values as well as DNA, said Kimmerer, an enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

“There’s a reason corn is revered in almost every culture of corn-growing people as the ‘Corn Mother.’ Her kernels are not just stuff — every one of those seeds is an offspring — a baby,” Kimmerer said. “Corn is sacred because she gives us her children in return for us protecting and caring for those children by planting them again.”

Kimmerer and the tribal elders she works with often refer to native seed restoration as “rematriation,” which is about much more than heritage varieties.

“It’s reclaiming the sacred. It’s honoring the memories that are in the seeds, and the promise that we will take care of seeds and by doing so, invest in the future,” Kimmerer said.

There is nothing scientific about anything she just said.

It’s all just literal gibberish.

What you have to understand is that most people who are called “scientists” today have no achievement of any kind in the fields that they work in, and the inflation of degrees in academia is such that I’m not even sure most of them are even sane, hence why a lot of them come up with and support all sorts of insane bullshit.

And that is what global warmism is – an insane cult that some crazy people made by mixing communism with Bambi, and that Jews then started promoting as a way to subvert our race.

The most important thing to remember is that we’re living in a civilization in decline, and as such someone’s titles and credentials might not really have anything to do with what he’s actually capable of.

This is around a decade old, and people still take him seriously