Poland to Demand $1.3 Trillion Reparations from Germany for WWII

Poland is so weird.

Their entire current national agenda is based on working with Germany to destroy Russia. Until Azov was wiped out a couple months ago, the biggest part of that agenda was supporting a cult that identified as neo-Nazi.

Then they turn around and do this?


Poland estimates its World War II losses caused by Germany at 6.2 trillion zlotys ($1.32 trillion), the leader of the country’s ruling nationalists said on Thursday, and he said Warsaw would officially demand reparations.

Poland’s biggest trade partner and a fellow member of the European Union and NATO, Germany has previously said all financial claims linked to World War II have been settled.

Poland’s new estimate tops the $850 billion estimate by a ruling party lawmaker from 2019. The ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has repeated calls for compensation several times since it took power in 2015, but Poland hasn’t officially demanded reparations.

“The sum that was presented was adopted using the most limited, conservative method, it would be possible to increase it,” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of Law and Justice (PiS), told a news conference.

The combative stance towards Germany, often used by PiS to mobilize its constituency, has strained relations with Berlin. It intensified after Russia invaded Ukraine amid criticism of Berlin’s dependence on Russian gas and its slowness in helping Kyiv.

Some 6 million Poles, including 3 million Polish Jews, were killed during the war and Warsaw was razed to the ground following a 1944 uprising in which about 200,000 civilians died.

The German government and Foreign Office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In 1953 Poland’s then-communist rulers relinquished all claims to war reparations under pressure from the Soviet Union, which wanted to free East Germany, also a Soviet satellite, from any liabilities. PiS says that agreement is invalid because Poland was unable to negotiate fair compensation.

I guess on some level, paying reparations to Poland would make a lot more sense than reparations to Israel, as Germany actually invaded Poland.

But why did Germany invade Poland? You know, I’ll have to check my high school history books, but I’m pretty sure we all agree it was because Poland was abusing German people in Danzig and elsewhere who got caught on the wrong side of the border when the lines were redrawn after World War I. And this whole idea of pay reparations for wars is in itself ridiculous.

But this timing right now is just bizarre. Poland is already making huge amounts of money off of Germany and the German government is forcing the German people to go along with this lunatic agenda in the Ukraine which has been primarily organized on the ground by Poland (obviously Poland is doing this with the blessing of the seat of empire in Washington, but Poland is the closest ally of the Ukraine). Poland was demanding that the Germans #FreezeForUkraine, and Germany went along with that.

Germany has virtually nothing to do with this conflict with Russia. For all her flaws, Angela Merkel’s foreign policy was largely based around deepening economic ties to Russia as the providers of energy to the EU. They reversed all of this, at least ostensibly for the purposes of Eastern Europeans.

Poland does not seem like a very good friend at all.