Poland Falsely Claims They are the Engine of Europe’s Development

Wow, delusions of grandeur from the Poles, yet again.



Poland has become the “locomotive of development” for the whole of Europe, and its “importance” is ever growing, the country’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has declared. Unlike Warsaw, Berlin has been too shaky in its stance on Ukraine, while its energy policy is in “ruins” altogether, he told Der Spiegel in an interview on Friday.

“Poland’s importance is growing. We helped enforce the sanctions against Russia, we have established a joint Central Eastern European policy with Romania and Bulgaria in the Visegrad Group. As by far the largest country, we highlight the problems of the region,” Morawiecki asserted.

The premier insisted has country has become “a locomotive of development” for the whole continent, while its past experience with communism has proven to be very important as well.

“We represent diversity in Europe, and diversity is a value in itself. Maybe our role isn’t to everyone’s liking.”

At the same time, Morawiecki attacked Brussels, suggesting Poland’s “rule of law” woes with the EU have been politically charged. Brussels and Warsaw have long been at odds and Poland’s controversial judiciary reforms, which have allegedly breached the principle of courts’ independence.

All this time, it wasn’t Germany or France or even Italy – Poland was the engine of progress in Europe.

That’s a big reason why we all have to starve to death or go die in a war for Poland – they’re the ones doing all the progress for the rest of us.

I’m so sick of Poles.

Do you know they started World War II also?

Here’s a documentary about what was going on in the city of Danzig at the time: