Poland Declares They Want a War with Russia

Here’s the thing: Poland can’t go to war with Russia, because it is a member of NATO. If Poland goes to war with Russia, that means the United States, Britain, and Germany, among others, all have to join in. So instead of having an irrelevant war that no one cares about in Eastern Europe, you have a world war.

There is virtually no chance that if NATO went to war with Russia, China wouldn’t join in to aid Russia, because Russia has become a massive buffer state for China (in more ways than just geographically, though part of that is geographic).


Poland could end up in a military conflict with Russia within three to ten years, Deputy Defense Minister Marcin Ociepa told the Polish newspaper DGP in an interview published on Wednesday. Warsaw would need the time remaining before the supposed war to acquire as many arms as possible, he added. 

“There is a serious risk of a war with Russia,” Ociepa said, adding that the timing of this potential war depends “on how the conflict in Ukraine ends.”According to the official, it would ultimately depend on “how many years Russia will need to rebuild its military potential.” He did not identify any additional factors that could either increase or decrease the risk of a conflict. 

So the only factors are how the Ukraine conflict ends and how much military power Russia has when it’s over. There is nothing with diplomacy, or Poland’s relationship to Russia. And there is no interest in avoiding it. It’s just a matter of when.

Ociepa raised the issue while describing the “geopolitical reality” that was supposedly forcing Poland to rapidly increase its own defense potential. “We have to use this time for the maximum rearmament of the Polish Army,” he told the newspaper, as he defended what the Polish media called a “record” defense budget, augmented by certain “undefined” additional expenses.

Poland’s draft state budget for the next year entails record outlays on the armed forces, amounting to 97 billion zloty ($20.52 billion), Poland’s PAP news agency reported. Some additional funds for modernizing the army would be raised through the extra-budgetary Armed Forces Support Fund managed by the Polish state bank BGK, it added.

People should really be angry about this. What right does Poland have to commit us all to a war with Russia? They are effectively saying they are going to start a war by saying that it is inevitable, and we’re all going to get dragged along with them. Just like with the Ukraine, this is all about spite, about trying to do revenge for the USSR. That’s what drives these people.

Frankly, they never had a right to tell people to do these sanctions so everyone has to freeze. In the UK, they are doing game shows where they will pay your energy bills.

This is about Eastern European democracy, we’re told.

They’re not even making the argument that this has anything to do with the safety, security, or prosperity of the people paying for it, which is in some ways an entirely new kind of war. The Jews who run these wars used to at least have to tell you that it somehow benefited you – now they just tell you that it vaguely benefits people in some country you know nothing about and have no reason to care about.

Honestly, I’m in some way surprised that there isn’t more pushback in Europe over this. In America, people are still being told that it is the shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline that has caused a rise in energy prices. People here don’t even know that Europe exists, or they think Joe Biden is the president there also. Conservatives will argue with you if you say the war on Russia is causing these prices, and say it’s all Joe Biden. I say: “yeah, you’re right, it is all Joe Biden – he’s the one who declared war on Russia – just like he declared war on you, you fat boomer monkey.”

I have no idea if the average European supports this war against Russia like the average American does. I would think they don’t, but how is it possible they are not protesting?

A game show will pay your heating bill? This is ridiculous.

People will just tolerate absolutely anything. No one will do anything.