Central European PHP Coding Conference Shut Down Because It was White Supremacist (Neo-Nazi)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 29, 2019

There was an annual PHP conference in Europe called PHP Central Europe Conference (PHP.CE). This year’s event was scheduled to take place in October in Dresden, Germany, but has now been canceled.

In fact, the whole thing is just canceled forever, because Karl L Hughes, a random pervert from Chicago who wasn’t attending the conference, decided to point out that it was all white men in current year.

After the tweet, speakers started pulling out for fear of being associated with a white supremacist agenda, then ticket sales dropped, so the organizers just canceled the entire event.

In the post announcing the cancelation of the event, the organizers cited the tweet from Hughes as well as two of the speakers who pulled out as a result of the social justice agenda.

One of those speakers was Larry Garfield, who is Jewish and pulled out because he didn’t want to be associated with Nazism.

Garfield himself was recently ousted from Drupal for being involved in BDSM (effectively anti-Semitism).

The other was Mark Baker.

Baker claimed he “cannot accept the situation” of only white males speaking at a programming conference in former communist bloc Europe.

Hughes is now out there grandstanding, saying that everyone at a tech conference needs to be the same as the people who use the technology.

The organizers said that they just didn’t even get any submissions from people who are not white males. They did have that Jew. But apparently he wasn’t diverse enough.

Great News

This situation is highly exploitable.

If we’re really already at the point where you simply cannot have an all white male event even in the whitest field in one of the whitest areas of the world, then basically we are in free-for-all territory. We can all now start demanding that everyone who runs everything be a tranny.

This is the reverse of the anti-white snitching that is going on.

Seriously – start doing this:

Look for anything, anywhere that you do not like and start accusing them of being white supremacists for not having enough diversity. Even if they have blacks and women and whatever else, you can start talking about trannys. They almost certainly do not have trannys because there are so few of these people, but it obviously does not matter. They will just have to find a tranny or be shut down.

There were obviously no black or woman PHP coders who wanted to speak at this conference. So the implication is that they have to go out and find the diversity themselves. Well, make everyone find trannys or get shut down.

Then once they start including trannys, start demanding black trannys – “I’m happy to see that [X thing you hate] is finally embracing the trans community, however I was shocked to see that there is no one from the black trans community being represented. It’s [current year] and we can do better.”

Then you can start demanding crippled black trannys, trannys with Down syndrome, and just on and on and on. There is no ceiling on this, until everything in the world is exclusively involving negro trannys with Down syndrome in wheelchairs.

This entire system can be completely jammed by forcing it to uphold its own standards if people so choose. And trannys really are the weak spot, because they are promoting them so aggressively now but there are so few of them and the ones that exist are completely insane and most of them are convicted child molesters.