Only 11% of Voters Blame Putin for Gas Prices

It’s a good thing the Republicans are so pro-war.

Otherwise the Democrats would have a serious problem pushing this endless thing.


Just 11% of Americans believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is to blame for record high gas prices in the US, according to a Rasmussen poll published on Tuesday. The majority instead have pointed the finger at US President Joe Biden.

More than half (52%) of respondents to the Rasmussen poll conducted last week cited Biden’s poor energy policies as the reason gas has become unaffordable, meaning the administration’s “Putin’s price hike” narrative does not appear to be catching on.

Those who blame neither Biden nor Putin mention the oil companies, with 29% of respondents suggesting the industry is leveraging the current geopolitical instability to jack up its prices.



Bizarre mainstream conspiracies are par for the course now, on the left just as much as on the right. The point at which everyone should have realized that is when the State Department started talking about crisis actors – but I mean, the whole “Russian collusion” hoax was dumber than anything Alex Jones ever said.

“Greedy corporations are secretly price gouging and the government can’t do anything about it because although this is the most heavily regulated industry on earth, they can’t find the smoking gun proof (or any evidence).” This is probably the dumbest leftist conspiracy theory yet.

Once again: the Republicans saying that the sanctions are not affecting oil prices are just lying.

Look at the damn graph.

Then understand that the Republicans are actually even bigger liars than the Democrats.

The point is – Russia didn’t sanction herself!

“Joe Biden” signed the sanctions.

But the Republicans support the war on Russia, so they have to keep saying that the sanctions have nothing to do with global energy prices, which is so stupid it makes me sick to even think about it.

Frankly, the American population is primarily a peasant mob, and they never should have been taught to read. This was a protestant error, which is going to need to be corrected at some point very soon.

We are going to make the peasantry great again. They can wear Ukraine flags or blue lives matter flags, but they’re all going to be in fields with antiquated farming equipment, wearing themselves out to the point they don’t have the energy to try to form amorphous “thoughts” in their rattled brains beyond those related to how to figure out how to reattach a blade to a wooden scythe.

The assumption of “Putin’s price hike” is that the US had no choice but to put completely unprecedented and totally illegal sanctions on Russia in response to a border skirmish in the former USSR. The Republicans agree with that premise, so they just deny that the Ukraine conflict has anything to do with it.

Well, is the “second stage gas emergency” in Germany also a result of Joe Biden’s energy policy, Eyepatch McCain, you filthy traitor?

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